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  1. Francine says:

    My core bieelf is that all bieelf is neurotic.This does not refer to the use of the word, bieelf’, in a sentence such as, I believe that the it has generally been hotter at the equator than at the poles. In English, there are several definitions and flavors for the word bieelf.’ I am referring to the meaning that refers to telling yourself that you really can know the answer to something you don’t actually understand. This is often associated with topics that are unknowable to any typical mortal. It is also associated with a strong desire to feel part of a consensus, often to the point of creating a compulsion to proselytize. I believe Jesus will forgive me for my sins, I refuse to believe he would do something like that, are typical examples. Beware of misusing and relying too heavily on the tool of speculation, neither your own, nor the far more common hand-me-down variety. It is but one tool of the mind, and must be used judiciously. The Buddhist quote from Tamara mentions this as well. I don’t understand the use of that quote here. Is it a defense of some sort against the critical comments? It seems to be an admonishment to not be shallow and stupid, and then to embrace the good’. Brilliant and original! Who can argue with that? However, just because you posted it first doesn’t mean you are the prime practitioner of this deceptively simple directive. Beware you are not embracing the lies and misdirection of evil murderers. Unfortunately they often hold the purse strings, so this is by no means easy.Bottom line here, we don’t excuse you from responsibility for using the common tactic of remaining willfully ignorant, just because it is ever so popular right now. We are all about reversing this trend. You are in a pivotal position in pivotal times. The true significance of the 9/11 Truth movement is about strong and sobering evidence The official story is a wild conspiracy theory and blatant cover-up. It is perpetuated by the amoral corporate mainstream media, despite literal mountains of evidence that make it a farce. The beginning and the end of your article strongly implied the opposite, and the middle was vapid.

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