It seems sports fans are partial to one team or another for a number of reasons. When I was a kid, I briefly rooted for the Minnesota Vikings only because Warren Moon played for them after quarterbacking for the Oilers.

As an adult, I really can’t stand the Vikings. I cover the Texans, miss the Oilers and have a boyfriend who’s convinced me to pull for his beloved Green Bay Packers.

Although, we have not enjoyed a championship in Houston since the Dynamo won the MLS Cup in 2007, we are spoiled to have so many professional teams to adore. In Green Bay, they just have the Packers. There’s no doubt which team gets their adoration.

What about people in Houston? Who do you love the most? After you vote in the poll, leave me a comment and tell me about how you became a fan of a certain team. Use an accurate email – we may reach out to you to write a feature about you!

Thanks so much for reading and writing!

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  1. Tom stallings says:

    Okay, so the Aeros are minor league, but they aren’t beer league. They are triple A and countless former Aeros have gone on to play in the NHL. Leaving them out makes it appear as though you are not a hockey fan, and that is probably unfair to you. There are plenty of die hard hockey fans in Houston, but you will never know that when you leave out a hockey option in your poll.

  2. Karen Ragain says:

    Sure – leave out the team that has won two championships in the last 15 years and also is headed for the playoffs this year. Shame on you, Some Sports Radio 610. Clearly if a team isn’t your “partner” you’re not interested. What a shame.

  3. Derek says:

    Umm, where is University of Houston football??

  4. d0ct0rl0ve says:

    …HOUSTON AEROS… because… other than the COMETS… they have been in more playoff games… and… championship games since I have been in HOUSTON… oh yeah… they are in the playoffs RIGHT NOW!!!!

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