I’m a big fan of Dez Bryant on the football field. Whether at Oklahoma State or with the Dallas Cowboys, he’s always been a dynamic and productive wide receiver. Bryant racked up nearly 1,500 yards and 18 touchdowns as a sophomore in Stillwater, and caught 6 touchdowns in 12 games as an NFL rookie.

However, the mounting troubles off the field have me wondering about his future in the league. On Tuesday, Bryant was served a second lawsuit accusing him of not re-paying expensive gifts that he received. This comes a day after the news broke about a lawsuit seeking $246,000 for jewelry purchases.

There are a number of issues that trouble me with Dez Bryant. Why is he spending so much money on jewelry, and why was he apparently borrowing so much of the money? Breaking down the basic financials, he earned $2.52 million in 2010. However, I’ll assume Bryant pocketed roughly half after taxes, and he’s already being sued for (combined) $850,000? That’s very problematic.

As I said Tuesday morning on my show, you rarely see the very successful types (think Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Mark Zuckerberg) walking around with extremely expensive jewelry. Right or wrong, they don’t seem to need $60,000 custom charm bracelets. While I realize those guys spend lots of money on other items, I do think this is worth noting.

Even if one feels that jewelry is a wise investment of Bryant’s money, shouldn’t we be concerned that he’s facing multiple lawsuits, to the tune of almost a million dollars? It’s one thing to buy expensive jewelry, but Dez hasn’t even completed the buy part of that equation.

I’m always nervous about people who have a knack for finding themselves in precarious spots. Bryant was banned from a Dallas area shopping mall last week for either his or his friends’ baggy attire, before the ban was lifted. He refused to carry Roy Williams’s shoulder pads in training camp last season. Bryant was also suspended by the NCAA, and got in the news for a $55,000 dinner tab he had to pay as a rookie.

Individually, maybe none of those incidents merits a strong rebuke. Collectively, I think we’re seeing a young NFL player who needs to be set on the right path.

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