Trouble brews for Houston native Johnny Jolly once again. The defensive end, who was suspended from the Green Bay Packers for felony drug charges in 2008, was arrested in Houston early Friday morning.

Houston police stopped Jolly’s Cadillac Escalade for a traffic violation at 12:45 a.m. on the 9900 block of Westpark. Jolly presented a state identification card rather than a driver’s license, and police learned that his license is suspended and is not eligible for renewal.

While searching the vehicle, police discovered that Jolly was in possession of 600 grams of Codeine, which is a felony charge. Police also discovered another unidentified substance, which has been sent in for testing.

At this time, it is unknown if the amount of controlled substances found in Jolly’s vehicle could be heavy enough to be considered for charges of possession with intent to distribute.

Jolly, a three-time all-district defensive lineman at Forest Brook High School in Houston, attended Texas A&M and became a starting defensive tackle. The Packers selected Jolly in the sixth round of the 2006 NFL Draft.

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  1. Go Pack Go says:

    Dude, you’re done! Everyone talking how Pack looking forward to you getting re-instated by NFL and you do this?? Kiss you’re NFL career and millions of dollars good bye.

    1. Alter Ego says:

      Really? “You’re NFL career…” Really?

      1. redman says:

        Probably went to the same high school as the moron doper in the story. Most “graduates” of Forest Brook are illiterate.

  2. Juan Anaya says:

    Wow this is just really sad for this guy. As a DIE HARD Green Bay Packer fan this does not really surprise me. This guy had everything at the palm of his hand and just blew it all away on DRUGS!!! How can you go from having a great career in GREEN BAY “TITLE TOWN USA” to getting caught with syrup in the 4th ward of Houston Tx, and now you got pulled over again in Houston with a Suspended Driver Licensce and 600 grm. of codeine.Wow sorry Jolly but you are a loser! What NFL team id going to want a junkie on there team? Last month I read that Jolly wrote a letter of Reinstatement to the comissioner and was planning to have a great come back. I said wow good for him and also thought that maybe we could use him again in our defense and defend our TITLE in this upcoming 2011 NFL season. But now I really dont want anything to do with this guy! I hope they lock him up for a couple years and maybe than he can learn his lesson. Good bye Johnny Jolly. DONT DROP THE SOAP BIG GUY.

    Juan The Pack Man Anaya
    Go Pack Go

  3. Kurt says:

    Idiot !

  4. jweber says:

    600 grams!? Thats 1 and a half pounds of pills! C’mon Johnny, you’re team is becoming a dynasty and your going to act like this instead of getting straight and joining the team?

  5. Kameron says:

    Never would expect that from a Packer player get it 2getha man!!!!!!

  6. Paul-Stevens Point, WI says:

    What a sad deal. I for one was looking forward to him comming back. He had a chance to win a starting position. He is history now knowing how GM Ted Thompson rates players, character first and talent second, and he did pretty good with Arron Rodgers. Packers don’t need him now after last season.

    1. Bradley Center says:

      Strange to see a Wisconsin native posting on a Choke City website.
      Jolly is a product of North Forest ISD, which was almost taken over by the TEA a few years ago because of continuous years of underperforming test scores.

  7. RedScare says:

    This might not be as much dope as it looks at first glance. Codeine is usually in liquid form. However, Texas drug laws do not have a liquid measurement. It goes strictly by weight. Additionally, “adulterants and dilutants” are included in the weight. In other words, if Jolly had a little syrup in his Big Red soda, ALL of it is counted in the weight. A 20 ounce bottle of Big Red would weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of one and a quarter pounds, or roughly 600 grams.

    I have no independent knowledge of this case, but have seen other cases where a small amount of codeine mixed into a soft drink created a felony drug charge.

    1. Jolly Doper says:

      As well it should be. All dopers should be locked up for as long as possible. Whatever it takes to keep these raving animals and thugs off the street.

  8. The Truth says:

    Alter Ego is a TOOL

  9. Jank says:

    What a complete piece of trash. Lock this punk up for the rest of his sorry, worthless life.

  10. TexasForever says:

    Hey, what do you expect from a pampered man-child.
    These guys have been pampered since the age of 12. From the very first time someone discovered that they can hit a ball longer, throw a ball faster, run faster, dunk a basketball , kick a ball through a goalpost or hit a guy with his fists better than another guy, no one as told them NO thus they pass through life knowing no boundaries.
    But lets celebrate all of the little leaguers!

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