The fascination we have with the great Charlie Sheen collapse is so strange. His meltdown is nobody’s fault but his own – and maybe some fault on the parts of the goddess girls. But his constant feeding of awkward one-liners and erratic rambling to the public is absolutley astonishing.

A packed house at the Hobby Center cheered and applauded the performers in the Cirque du Soleil the last time I saw it. That show was amazing, but this one is, well, it’s a circus freak show that is far more than a spectacle. It’s a train wreck. But we sit back and admire the uniqueness of the latest episode of the Charlie Sheen Show as the whole thing goes up in flames before us. He’s the bearded lady, and we can’t stop staring.

Some people want to stare from an even closer distance – as if we don’t already feel like Sheen is a part of our daily existence by now. On Monday, Sheen posted an open position on and has recieved 74,040 applicants according to Associated Press stories. Really?

Being a bonafide nerd, my only internship was in robotics at N.A.S.A. I’m in journalism, so obviously I got off the science dork career path somewhere. But am I missing something here?

More than 70,000 people are vying to sit on the front row of what is a sure disaster. For an internship? On the tracks is the last place I’d want to be when that train wrecked, but perhaps there’s some great education to be received at the Charlie Sheen School of Public Speaking. I’ll pass on this one.

bearded lady Sheen Getting 70,000 Internship Applications Is Just Weird

(Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment)


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