On the surface, Texans cornerback Kareem Jackson did nothing wrong. He was on vacation in the Dominican. He went to the beach, to clubs, doing all the things young affluent men could and should do.

Then, he attended cockfighting … and started Tweeting about it.

Dumb, dumb, dumb. There is no excuse for an NFL player to be so ignorant that he actually flaunts inhumane treatment to animals — no matter the context.

Jackson was not a 5-year-old when the Michael Vick episode occurred. Yes — before you think anything — this isn’t about legal vs. illegal. Cockfighting is legal in the Dominican. It’s about the perception an NFL athlete bears by participating in any way in a controversial event … and, worse, publicizing it.

I would correlate it to parents telling their kids, “Would we approve?”

Would Bob McNair approve, Kareem? Would Roger Goodell?

With all the information the league offers players regarding social networking dos and don’ts, and simple rules of propriety, Jackson had to have known better. So why do it?

To put it in blunt terms, Kareem Jackson falls down.

Here are a couple of Tweets from Jackson, along with pictures — including one of Jackson at The Dominican.

“My first time ever seeing chicken fight till the death it was crazy… “

“Look at all these people that be at these chicken fights, you would think its a college football game.”







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  1. Jesse says:

    Bullfighting is “inhumane”, and its a very popular sports. Just cause its illegal here, doesnt mean its illegal over there. I dont see anything wrong with this.

    1. bethmac says:

      Jesse, I believe you missed the entire pint of the story- the author indicated that it wasn’t about legal/illegal, he concedes that it was in fact LEGAL in the Dominican Republic. It’s about what is socially and ethically right to do and the bad image it’s portraying on the Texans and they fact he was too freaking STUPID to realize this after the Mike Vick Scandel. They are both trash.

      1. Mark Moon says:

        Honestly you all should mine your own damn business. Kareem is a grown man and makes his own decisions to live with , just as Vick did and every human does in their everyday life. Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing in their life and get yours straight. It’ll be a better place if everyone operated that way

  2. YT says:

    Did any of those chickens break loose and score wide open on him?

    1. JR says:

      LOL! Best Comment of the Day!!!!

    2. Josef says:


  3. j l says:

    To bad they don’t legalize it here.

    1. biobot says:

      Yup no shortage of morons in Texass. Fire the ignorant redneck and deport him to Texas 😉

  4. Razor says:

    It isn’t illegal there, but he lives and works here. He has to work on image issues:
    There’s “DUMB” and there’s “DUMBER”. This goes in the category of “DUMBEST”. For a guy who underperformed in his debut season and contributed to the failure of one of the worst defensive squads in NFL history, he needs to do some things to get the community and fans behind him like: out building houses for the poor, walking old ladies across the street, and improving his skills by working with a personal trainer to get his game up to the expected level for a 1st round pick.

  5. jack says:

    “Look at all these people that be at these chicken fights” Ebonics rule!

    1. tjdestry says:

      I’ve got Irish friends who use certain phrases particular to their group, and I know Italians and Jews who also like to use their own expressions. Is you problem with ebonics something I should consider lecturing them about, too??

      1. dbCooper says:

        Ebonics is a culture that you allow to continue. The culture of ignorance is not something you should be defending to protect. Explain to me why you just went from a context in which a person that went to college, and can not type out a simple sentence in proper english, to “I have friends who….” Take your racism pandering elsewhere. I also want to know the names of these so called friends. I dont believe you. Your too ignorant to have any friends.

      2. Joe says:

        Before lecturing your friends you may want to check your own grammar and sentence structure. ‘Got’ is redundant after ‘I’ve’ and it’s your, not you.

        I concur with the skyjacker.

      3. Jack says:

        Before lecturing tjdestry, you should study your own sentence structures, moron. When you learn how to use a comma, then you can play Grammar Police on the internet. Until then, shut your pie hole.

        I loves me some Ebonics.. It’s the internet.. Get over it..

    2. RTR says:

      His Univ of AL education should be called in question, and not “Ebonics”.

  6. Vick FAN says:

    This is NOT news !!!!! What about the inhumane treatment to humans all over the world ?

    1. biobot says:

      now that is a smart reply…not

  7. HappyDan says:

    Almost everyone who has ever visited Spain attended a bullfight there. Would there be an outcry if Jackson had tweeted a photo from a bullfight? I didn’t think so. Just remember, some future society will condemn football as being violent and it, too, will be made illegal.

    1. patrick says:

      “Almost everyone who has ever visited Spain attended a bullfight there.”

      Idiotic statement. Your mentality is common, i.e. “I do it so therefore everybody must do it,” but just because something is common does not mean it does not have inherent fallacies. You fail miserably.

      1. Mkbk says:

        And yet you fail by missing his last statement.

  8. Darrell says:

    @YT…exactly….should he be somewhere working on his strength training or something because he looked like a chicken with its head cut-off during this past season

  9. Texran says:

    nothing compared to what Tyson does daily

  10. MargaretH says:

    So his judgement is as bad as his ability to play cornerback.

  11. James says:

    Hang him! What’s wrong with these men??

  12. Aplatanada says:

    The country is called the “Dominican Republic.” Not “the Dominican.” “The Dominican” refers to a person, not a country.

    1. Brian_In_Austin says:

      THANK YOU!! I expect that error from commenters, not the author of the article- you’d think that the bar would be higher for him/her.

      I CERTAINLY wouldn’t expect to hear it/read it about 5 times in the same article.

  13. No thanks says:

    You could stretch this logic to also condemn everyone that attends the rodeo as well.

  14. ed says:

    i cant believe something like this makes the news who cares he took a picture why are we even talking about this really ???? be more worried about the wars going on the violence in mexico humans getting killed and your worried about this .!!!!!!

  15. Dav says:

    let me see a man falls knocked out to the canvas another one pounds his face till a ref knocs him off, USA loves seeing guys get pounded on MMA and we complain aobut other people sports.

  16. YT says:

    There aren’t really many death matches at the rodeo dude.

    1. Curtis G says:

      Regardless, it’s still inhumane. How would you like it if someone tied a rope around your “balls” just so you could buck for some dude that wants to see how long he can hang on to you?

      1. Brian_In_Austin says:

        I know some people who’d call that “Saturday night”…

  17. Dav says:

    doesnt have to be to the death violence is violence, no one worries about a rooster or a dog,

  18. JasonZ says:

    I think it’s inhumane what opposing receivers do to HIM.

  19. Housand says:

    Not surprising that the guy that played like an immature, clueless idiot during his rookie year hasn’t changed in the last 2 months. I used to think when he gave interviews that he was just a quiet and simple man. NOPE. He’s a man with below average intelligence that didn’t realize POSTING PICTURES of this wasn’t going to applauded.

  20. Wessendorff Roberson says:

    It’s not a matter of legal vs. non legal. This boils down to ethics and the persuasive power NFL players have on the young people that emulate them. The visibility and notoriety of professional athletes dictate they be held to a higher ethical standard. On a team level, Kareem’s actions will negatively affect the squeaky clean Texan image. He should think before he Tweets.

  21. Mr. Disco says:

    Oh no! It’s Little Jerry Seinfeld!

  22. Who cares? says:

    He is a grown man in another country where this is perfectly legal. This is a non-issue. Just because someone thinks this is morally wrong does not warrant a story….

  23. Lisa says:

    It is stupid and I can’t believe that professional athletes still engage or participate in viewing animal fights after Michael Vick. What an idiot. He should have known better. And sure it may be ‘legal’ there, but it’s still morally reprehensible.

  24. Mkbk says:

    You know what’s DUMB? Voluntarily being involved in activities that causes brain damage and associated depression and other associated problems. I can’t believe societies allow that. And train their children!
    Oh what? That’s okay? Well golly-gee. Maybe instead, we can give ’em swords and let’em fight to the death. Why didn’t some other culture think of that first!?

  25. rbmeoe says:

    Does this mean we can cut him and not pay him any more money for getting toasted every week, for breaking some kind of morality clause in his contract? OH! Please say “YES” !!!!

  26. Justin says:

    Seriously, who cares. Kareem witnessed a chicken fight, WOW!

  27. Ted says:

    You people are ridiculous. Any cornerback is going to get toasted when there is no pass rush. If the Texans had BJ Raji and Clay Matthews terrorizing QBs, Kareem would like a pro bowl corner. I’m not sure what you expected from a rookie CB that didn’t have a pass rush.

    And are all the people commenting on the bird vegetarians? If not, how do you think you get that pretty boneless, skinless chicken breast to grill out on the deck? MASS SLAUGHTER. These roosters are almost assuredly kept in better conditions than the typical commercial chicken farm.

    Quit trashing Kareem. When he had a pass rush in college, kid was a ballin cornerback. Now, if you want to get mad at somebody, try the powers that be that can’t give the kid help with a defense that’s at least as good as the one he played for in college.

  28. texan big fan says:

    hey justin. You forgot to say rawl tide.

  29. Curtis G says:

    The way we treat cows in the country is inhumane and a sin as far as many (east) Indians and Hindus are concerned… but I guess only our American cultural view of animal treatment is the right perspective.

  30. Woodlandsrfc says:

    Look he is a big boy and he’s on vacation. It is not our place to say what they do in the Dominican is right or not. I do have to say that the picture of him next to the pool with his arms in the air does look familiar. It is like he’s saying “where did the receiver go AGAIN”!!!!

  31. Will Flagrant-Two Barrett says:

  32. says:

    I’d much rather see him learning how to cover somebody….for goodness sake – watching him “cover” is more a crime than this…..

  33. Vernon says:

    Lopez, what a worthless story. Why don’t you try some sources or work some angles to find out more about the CBA and the reality of a Football season Champ!?

  34. Chris says:

    Cut Him now, cut your losses now, seriously, this guy should not be on vacation, he should be watching tape of him getting burned and fiuguring out how to be a better football player..

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