Ohio State’s Jim Tressel will miss the first two games of next season, and have to pay a $250,000 fine, after he failed to disclose information about a memorabilia scandal involving Buckeye players. Yahoo! Sports first broke the story on Monday, leading to these punishments.

Ohio State staged a bizarre press conference on Tuesday night, with AD Gene Smith affirming that Tressel will remain the football coach. Tressel said that he was informed about his players’ alleged transactions back in April, via email. Somehow, he decided to keep the information private, not even letting the university’s legal council know about it. Tressel claims that he was scared (his word) and felt that he needed everything to remain confidential.

Both NBC4 in Columbus and SportsByBrooks released the email correspondence between Tressel and Eddie Rife, who owns the tattoo-parlor in question. The coach wrote that he would get on the allegations “ASAP,” but then proceeded to tell nobody, and later lie to the NCAA about it.

Is this a fireable offense? I’m not sure, but it’s very close. The bottom line is that Tressel covered up the situation, impeded an investigation, and then proceeded to not tell the truth to the NCAA. I have serious questions about the “honesty” of Tressel at the news conference.

Right now, Ohio State University is employing a football coach who has lied to the NCAA, school, and the media. Jim Tressel dresses in a sweatervest and glasses, but he sure looks like Pinocchio this week.

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