It’s official. The Astros — specifically owner Drayton McLane and president Pam Gardner — have lost touch with reality. Either that, or they don’t care.

Either way, raising ticket prices across the board only makes McLane and the Astros look like Gordon Gekko and you, fans, are Blue Star Airlines. They don’t care about you. They only want your money.

At best, that’s the perception. At worst, it’s the truth.

While it’s true that Minute Maid Park is a fantastic place to socialize and have a great time — a truly fun fan experience — ultmately it’s about the game. It also is true that this is a rebuilding team that will be mildly competitive over the course of 162-games.

But neither of those factors are reasons to raise prices.

This move smacks of an owner in essence telling us all, “Screw it. I’m selling the team anyway.”

It’s one last money grab. You’re supposed to super-serve your best customers. This does the exact oppostite. It tells them, give us your money because we know you’ll come anyway.

Who are the stars? Carlos Lee? He’s overweight, 34 and would rather work his cattle ranch. Hunter Pence and Michael Bourn? Maybe, but both are coming off mediocre seasons and pale in comparison to Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell.

As for the off-season, the Astros did nothing — unless Clint Barmes and Bill Hall do it for you.

One more thing: Since Drayton is selling the team, it’s very unlikely this sub-.500 team will make any moves to get appreciably better.