jerry sloan Why Jerry Sloan Hung It Up, What It Means For Deron Williams

I think this is a case of the coach, one of the best in NBA history nonetheless, that judging by his comments on Monday after he’d answered questions about his one year extension, didn’t seem to really care anymore.

Jerry Sloan, when asked about signing his contract extension this past Monday:

“That’s been since, maybe around the first of the year. I don’t remember what the date was on it. I never pay attention to it. They offered it to me, and I signed it”

Sorry, but while signing contracts may just be routine to him at this juncture, that doesn’t sound like a guy that really gave a FLIP anymore.

This is a guy that after 24 yrs, received this contract earlier in the year and put it on the back burner until one day the GM probably walked in and said, hey, remember that contract we gave you a few weeks ago? Yeah, did you sign and turn that in yet, I can’t find it anywhere? Jerry – oh, yeah sure, here ya go….and after what transpired last night between Sloan and Williams, he’d decided he’d had enough….Ty Corbin will reportedly take over on an interim basis for the rest of the season….

This is a guy that had a number of blow ups with Deron Williams in recent months, the latest one taking place after a tough loss to the bulls last night….a closed door meeting with assistants and the GM after the game results in his resignation. The ownership and GM had grown more concerned with Deron Williams and his future rather than that of Sloan and his….the two, it had become apparent that they couldn’t co-exist, and apparently, it seems the side the ownership was willing to side with is that of Deron Williams, who like Dwight Howard and Chris Paul can opt out of their contracts after next season…though, I don’t think it is a guarantee that Williams is back with the jazz, much less even plays there next season…will the jazz look to trade him after the season?

Time will tell.

But, there is plenty of reason to think they’d move on without both Sloan and Williams.

Williams, in the past has hinted around that a change of scenery may do him good…and the jazz have been struggling, they’ve had all kinds of injuries this year, and no doubt this has been a distraction to the team this season internally. Williams may see the writing on the wall, and feel like the team is headed in a different direction, and wouldn’t want to go through a rebuilding process, the process of tweaking the team, which will take some time.

He wants to win and win now, just like everybody else in the league that has the word best come before the position they play.


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