inessaenz Day 2 in Dallas, Freezing Rain and Media Day

By: Michael Heiman/Getty Images Sport

By: Mike Meltser

We woke up on Tuesday morning hearing the pelting rain against the Coors Light House, which is always the best way to start a day. Nonetheless, Marc Vandermeer, John Lopez, Chris Jones and myself put on as many layers as we could and trudged out to get to Radio Row on time.

This was one of those rare days in Texas where you have to use the defrost for about 5-10 minutes. On the front, Lopez carefully maneuvered us between 15-25 mph on the roads (no highways), and got us downtown with only two minor spinning-of-the-wheels situations.

At the Sheraton Dallas, it was a fairly quiet Tuesday morning on Radio Row, no doubt in large part because the weather caused many athletes/celebrities to delay their appearances. Also, many of the reporters had to take shuttles early to Packers Media Day.

Following my hour, Lopez, Vandermeer and I got into the car and began the trek to Cowboys Stadium. In hindsight, a trek would be the best way to put things. While the weather had cleared up, Dallas clearly wasn’t ready for the freezing rain; large parts of the roadways were covered in ice. Now, Fort Worth is about 30 minutes from Dallas, and we had only an hour to get there.

As it turns out, we needed every minute of that hour. We saw tons of cars spinning out, with some already abandoned along the highway. Driving at about 25 mph, we arrived at around 11:50, and caught a shuttle in time to make it inside.

Once in, I think Media Day was about what you would anticipate, if you see it on TV. Lots of good-looking Hispanic reporters, one guy had a purple Superman type costume, another “reporter” was wearing a box/tv set while conducting interviews. Plenty of big-name media were sauntering around, the likes of Chris Berman, Deion Sanders, Chris Meyers, Terry Bradshaw, and of course, Ines Saenz.

Cowboys Stadium is an extremely impressive facility; they put the media into a suite for the lunch, and the video board is as-good-as advertised. It’s by far the biggest television-like screen I’ve ever seen.

After the hour with the Steelers ended, we spent about 45 minutes maneuvering back to Dallas, but finally made it back safe and sound.

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