It’s Open-line Sicko Fun Sunday here on The Outdoor Show. The Captains take your phone calls and talk anything outdoor related. So grab a cup Houston because this is outdoor radio at its finest!

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  1. Tracy Read says:

    Cpt. Mickey & Cpt. Bennie,
    Let me say thank you for what you do in our community and for you and your family’s service to our country. I am Tracy Read, founder of Brazoria County Cavalry. We are an organization that supports our Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters and EMT’s in Brazoria County. I started the Cavalry on Feb 1st 2008 to make sure our Heroes get the respect and support they deserve. The Cavalry has gone to see over 500 Heroes in Brazoria County since our inception and now have close to 1000 members. The Cavalry only comes as a request from our Heroes families or their spokesperson. We are NOT your typical organization; we are building relationships with families who deserve a thank you from all Americans. We are also a prayerful organization and pray for every Hero we go see.
    I ask you to consider looking at our website for a better understanding of what we do. If we are someone that you would like to support please email me or call me. Even if you choose not to support our organization, please know we are always here for you and will do everything possible to support all of our Heroes. I also want to let you know that I am not a Veteran, but am a Patriotic American.
    The reason I am sending you this email is because I get the opportunity to listen to you several mornings a week on my way home from work. I listen to you play the National Anthem and how you talk of honoring our Heroes. Your show is not just about fishing, but honoring the ones that are willing to die for you and me. I also love to fish and live on the San Bernard River in Brazoria Texas, yet seldom get to fish…..Just too busy. Below is an invitation for you and your families to come and be a part of our 3 year anniversary. God bless you both and God bless America.


    Brazoria County Cavalry Members, Friends, Supporters & Public,
    Brazoria County Cavalry is inviting you to be present at our Three Year Anniversary ceremony. Please start making plans now for you, your family and friends to attend this event. The ceremony will be held on Saturday Feb 12, 2011 at the Lake Jackson Civic Center. We will be saying thank you to all of the families and supporters who have allowed Brazoria County Cavalry to be a part of their lives. We will have two guest speakers followed by a live and silent auction with a video slide show to follow. The proceeds from the auction will continue to help us support our American Heroes: Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters and EMT’S of Brazoria County. The video slide show will consist of several photos from each of the escorts/rides and events that Brazoria County Cavalry have made over the past year. The ceremony will close with the list of names of Fallen American Heroes from Brazoria & Matagorda County.

    Please help us get the word out to everyone including the public. There is no entrance fee to be a part of this special day:
    This invitation is to everyone in our community that would like to come and be a part of honoring the ones that are willing to die for you and me.

    If you, your family, friends or other American Patriots plan on attending the Three Year Anniversary, please email us with the total number of guest you will be bringing so we can have accurate seating @

    Date: Saturday, Feb 12, 2011
    Place: Lake Jackson Civic Center, Lake Jackson, Texas
    Time: 1:00pm

  2. rob daniel says:

    I need a place to take my wife Crappie fishing. She has never fished fresh water and would like to make a trip to one of our lakes around tx to do some fishing

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