falcons Chris Domino with Marc and John 1/13/11

The pre/post game host for the Atlanta Falcons joined Marc and John to preview the Falcons/Packers playoff game this weekend.

  1. David Bell says:

    This show was the nadir of Houston sports programming. If you wonder why your profits are down while your two closest competitors are enjoying fiscal growth, you can look directly to this “National Inquirer”-type of commentary. At one time, your commentators would defend athletes against slanderous, unsubstantiated rumors. Now, like jackels, they circle the offal looking to get a few licks for themselves. Ask them for me: “if you have a teen-aged daughter and a neighbor is spreading a rumor that she is promiscuous and laying with the entire football team; would that not raise more than a theatrical hmmmm in your consciousness? Would you repeat it at work to your colleagues?”
    Well Craig Biggio has a family as does Jeff Bagwell. How do you suppose their family feels about these irresponsible mouth-farts? Come on guys, this is Texas not a New Jersey s**thole.
    KILT once had a reputation for news integrity. These current jerks are killing that image.

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