By John P. Lopez

Here we go again. From Sharapova’

As you likely know by now, the Auburn Tigers defeated the Oregon Ducks Monday night by the score of 22-19 to become the national champions of NCAA Football.

But, they became national champions thanks in large part to a ruling that Auburn running back Michael Dyer was not down at Auburn’s 45(ish) yard line with approximately two minutes and counting to go in a tied game.

Dyer used his hand to regain his balance as he was being tackled, and stood up after everybody else on the field(except for the refs apparently) thought he was down. He then ran to the Oregon 24-yard line for a 37-yard gain. That put Auburn in field goal range, which allowed them to run down the clock, and kick a field goal to win the game as time expired.

As I saw the replay over and over on television, it appeared to me that the refs made the right call in not calling Dyer down(granted, I was slamming beers at the bar, so what I saw was probably a tad blurred at the time).

However, in this video that you’re about to see courtesy of the awesome @bubbaprog of Mocksession.Com, it appears Dyer’s wrist may have been down, and if so, he should’ve been called down.

The refs ruled that only his hand hit the ground, which would mean he’s not down. But if the wrist hits the ground, the player should be ruled down at that spot.

Although I wouldn’t say it’s totally conclusive(and that will leave the NCAA with a fair excuse), it sure looks like Dyer’s wrist may have been down:

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  1. Harry D says:


    You are wrong on Dyer being down. The difference between this play and the play in the Sugar Bowl is Dyer’s palm is touching the ground. The back of the Arkansas play’s hand and wrist was touching the ground. The entire palm of Dyer’s hand was on the ground, thus making it impossible for the wrist to be touching the ground.

  2. Dave says:

    I think they got it right, it was his hand stretched out, not the back of his wrist, in the sugar bowl the guys hand was upside down ( cheap call in my opinion) . We need to get back to letting players play and refs make calls in real time. If you get beat you get beat.

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