Captain Bennie takes the wheel on this fun Sunday! He takes your calls and questions but also gets in touch with some local fishing and hunting guides. So grab a cup and enjoy, because this is Houston’s best Outdoor radio show!                   

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  1. James Kalhoefer says:

    Hello and happy new year Capt’s Mickey and Bennie. I just noticed that one of my trailer’s bunk beds appears to have worn through the gel coat on my 22ft. CC. Can either of you recommend someone who can do that repair and is reasonably priced? Thanks and I look forward to enjoying your show in the new year.

  2. Bobby Steele says:

    Capt. Mickey,
    Great show and awesome conversation with Capt. Plagg. You made the comment about dumping $$$$ to CCA. I just wanted you to know that I have not given CCA one dime since we were putting their decals on our vechicles upside down years ago. I don’t agree with their tactics or reasoning at all and have not supported them. You know as well as I do that since we lost GCCA it has turned into such a political game!

    Again great show today 1/5/11 and Happy New Years to you, Rhonda and family!

    Bobby Steele

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