Following the Texans/Jaguars game, the Texans Head Coach addresses the media about the game.

  1. Matt Doan says:

    (2) Fundamental Problems with the Houston Texans:
    – Inconsistent performances: Unfortunately this has been the trademark of Gary Kubiak’s head coaching career in Houston. Gary, it’s not about winning close games. It’s about playing 60 complete minutes. You claim you lost too many close games, but the reality is your teams’ lack of consistency is the reason many of these games were close in the first place.
    – Rick Smith owns a lot of this season as well. He is responsible for supplying this year’s defensive roster. The coaches can only work with the talent they are given by the GM. Rick, you let your pride get in the way of the Dunta Robinson situation last year and the secondary paid dearly for it this year. You can’t plug in rookies and hope for the best. The veteran QB’s ate ’em up this year. Hell, Tim Tebow ate ’em up last week. Granted, injuries to key defensive players (D. Ryans, Barwin, etc.) was huge, but this only highlighted the bare defensive cupboard that you supplied. Try drafting a few less tight ends this year.

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