Captain Bennie flies solo and opens up the phone lines to let you ask your outdoor realted questions.  Topics include fishing between cold fronts and the over populated lion fish in Florida.

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  1. gerald says:

    Joel, not sure if you realize this is not showing under The Outdoor Show podcasts. Also, only the first hour is posted.

    Thanks. I really appreciate all the podcasts you are able to post. I am not always able to hear all of the shows live.

    1. Laura Reynolds says:

      We appreciate your listening to the Outdoors Show. There are several ways you can access the podcast from today’s show. 1) You can go to our homepage and just scroll until you see the podcast you want (look in the middle of the screen). 2) You can click on “On Air” and then click on “Outdoors Show” and listen to the podcast. and 3) You can click on “Podcasts” and then scroll until you see the podcast you want to listen to. Best wishes! xoxo Laura

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