battle red blows Texans continue to lose in impressive manner

Texans' Battle Red was more like Cherry Sour in 34-28 loss to Baltimore. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

No crystal ball can explain why the Texans lose the way they do. No magic potion can undo the damage that has been done this NFL season. So let’s embrace the dramatics that is Texans football.

If they’re going to lose, why shouldn’t they make it memorable? Sports is entertainment. Players are performers. Fans are audience members. Whether or not you watched the Texans stage the furious fourth-quarter rally and overtime collapse at home, a bar, online or at Reliant Stadium, you will probably remember the way it went down. Heck, you’re used to these wild finishes and will need to decide which one is the greatest reflection of how this season went.

One of the pathetic endings might even speak volumes about the Texans and what they have been since the franchise’s inaugural season. Which one is it?

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  1. Jim says:

    I have been a season ticket holder for 8 years. I have quit going to the games due to the disappointment of our team, and my wife losing her job. I still watch faithfully at home and yell and cheer as if I was at the game. After watching last nights game, We need more consistant play from the Quarterback position. I know you will say that Matt Schaub is a pro – bowl quarterback but Rich, THAT WAS LAST YEAR!!!!!!! If you look at every game this year, Schaub has either thrown a interception or short hopped a receiver. This i not the sign of a Pro – Bowl quarterback. He does not look like the Texans Quarterback that evolved last year to lead this team. We knew our defense would not be very good due to FRANK BUSH not willing to BLITZ BLITZ BLITZ……..our secondary needed some help. I think Coach Kubiak is the coach to get this done, I think we have to get extremely agressive on both sides of the ball. KEEP KUBIAK< GET RID OF SCHAUB

  2. Eddie says:

    Do we have anyone else that can return punts? I just seems like Jacoby Jones always wants to run backwards after cathching the punt. He has no escapability after a catch. And why do our recievers always tend to fall down after they catch the ball? There’s no YAC, other than Andre and Foster…Just keep battling guys. Lets get this thing turned around. GO TEXANS!

  3. Alberto says:

    It dosent matter how well they fought back in close games, until they become a legitamate play off team they will continue to have problems on all aspects of the game. Too many variables with issues regarding offense, defense ansd special teams this year which means coaching problems. Desperate people do desperate things in desperate situations. Does it make them a good team? absolutely not!!! There finishes are because of their starts!!!!

  4. chris from Deer Park says:

    In Matt’s defense, there were at least 7 dropped, very catchable, balls in the first half of last night’s game. And one of them was a for sure touchdown, by your friend and mine, #12 Jacoby Jones. The whole team isn’t playing up to their potential. Examples of that are in every single game where they look like a playoff team for a quarter or two then look like a pee-wee team for the last part of every game. It is getting old and it seems that they need someone to hold them accountable, and to establish consequences for blowing assignments, like not starting the next game, sitting out a quarter, or maybe the whole game. They could make the offenders stay after practice to work on their areas of weakness. I mean just to do nothing obviously isn’t working.

  5. Eric says:

    Amen “Chris from Deer Park”. 7 dropped passes has nothing to do with Schaub. All 7 were bad, but the worst play of the entire night was the opening KO of the 2nd half. WHY in the world is our most finesse WR (Kevin Walter) on KO Coverage. That is the most fearless special teams unit. PLEASE get Walter off that unit. Go back and look at the play… Walter doesn’t want to tackle anybody and we all know he is scared of contact (i.e. no YAC). W/o that return… we win the game. The defense played AWESOME in the 2nd half. Gave up zero points. Nonetheless, the DB coach needs to be replaced at season’s end. The secondary rarely understands down & distance scenarios… they struggle to read receiver splts/tendencies… and seem to have zero ball skills (i.e. Hail Mary @ JAX?!?!?!?).

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