Would you take an Escalade muddin’ ? 

What would happen if you (or your friends) were to spill a pony keg in the back? 

And just how many people can you fit in an Escalade??? 

Note: these are just questions I ponder–I assssssure you <fingers crossed> the thought of even trying any of these ideas has never even crossed my mind!  I love my Escalade from Stewart Cadillac–so no worries Joe Stewart your Escalade is in good hands…or at least it is when I’m not driving it!  Stewart Cadillac, 2520 Main @ McGowan 713-CADILLAC!

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Comments (2)
  1. Craig says:

    Hey Laura,
    Why do you always point with both hands at the camera or the person you are talking to? Is that a ‘hip’ kind of thing?

    1. Laura Reynolds says:

      Just how many times have you watched that video to make that observation Craig? LOL!

      I don’t know why I gesture so much–I’ve always talked with my hands. One thing with video is that gestures have to be grander/more deliberate in order to translate well. My Mizzou professors were always evaluating every move. Think of how some reporters look stiff on TV or their gestures seem to be a nervous tic instead of emphasizing a point. Or it could just be the fact that I used to be a weather forecaster on TV and I’m trying to find a front. LOL. Thanks for emailing! xoxo Laura

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