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As part of Texans Monday, the Head Coach of the Houston Texans talks with Rich and Robert about the controversial Arian Foster TD that was ruled incomplete, how they can fix their defense and he answers some of the callers questions. Texans Monday is presented by the Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center and Horn Solutions!

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  1. Mike says:

    When will Mediocre not be enough? Been a fan for a long time but if we have another 8-8 season it’s got to be time to for a coaching change.

    1. Beasley says:

      Mike, I agree with you! This organization is full of average or below average personnel. Kubiak is a good guy and all, but he is not a winner. He has been here for at least 5 years and he is 2 games below 500 as a head coach. Decision calls from a coaching perspective is not good! Why do we have Cushing playing in the middle when it should be Bently…now you have two guys out of position. No wonder we have the worst defense in the league! Again, why keep Kareem Jackson out there when he get’s burned wek-after-week aftter-week, not 1 time, but 3-4 times a game for BIG YARDS! I didn’t like Reeves or Bently, but they didn’t get burned the way this Kid is getting burned. Jackson is not ready! Why did’nt we call a timeout to make a better call when we had 4 and 1 late in the game against the Chargers with 5:00 minutes on the clock, and Foster averging 4.5 yds a carry. Kubiak give it to the Quarterback…how stupid can you get! Kubiak lives and breathes footbal 7 days a week but is incapable of making good decisions in the games. I think we have seen Kubiak’s best and he needs to be GONE! We need a real Head Coach with winnning experience. Kubiak as had his chance and he has proved what he is capable of doing…let’s look at Cower or Jimmy Johnson or the Head Ex-Coach from Tampa Bay Gruden. The owner need to recognize that the fans want to see winners with a winning attitude and I don’t see it in Kubiak, it’s the same old tired excuses year in and year out….better luck next year…We are tired of that! If we don’t go to a play-off game this year and win a game Kubiak should pack his bags and get outta here!

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