Following the Texans/Chargers game, the Texans Head Coach addresses the media about the game.

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  1. joe gilleland says:

    same old texans DEFINITELY NOT A PLAYOFF TEAM!!!!!!!!!! SME OLD SAME OLD

  2. Martin Enriquez says:

    Lots of areas can be spoken about about what needs to be done with the team. But, listening to Kubiak he is never going to take this Texans team to the next level. I was a complete Kubiak supporter but starting having my doubts Monday after the Colts loss. But after today, I’m convinced he’s what’s commonly known as a “shoemaker” he has taken this team in the right direction but he is going to have to pass the “shoe” to another coach to finish the job. Owner Bob McNair needs to come to the cross roads and make a decision to pay off Kubiak and bring in that coach that will take this team to Championships…yes, I made that word plural because with the talent this team has, they can make it time and time again and win. That’s all this city is asking for. And, seeing as how McNair ha already paid all that money to get a team here, it would be ashame if that were not his only goal. And, he should be willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. I hope for our sakes and most of all for Andre Johnsons’ sake, McNair is as sharp, as I and others see him to be, and makes a move soon.

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