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On his way to hammer out details of nuclear agreement with Iran, top U.S. diplomat has a loosely-veiled warning for Israeli leader
​Christopher Jones hadn't suffered an epileptic episode in years, but at about 9,000 feet in the air, the unthinkable happened
Opposing blogger who threatened slain American critic of Islamic extremism on Facebook held for questioning
Australian Christopher Jones says he had a seizure during a 12,000-foot fall last November. His instructor's helmet camera shows the mid-air drama unfolding. Vladimir Duthiers reports.
The man known as "Jihadi John" once described himself as a "dead man walking." Newly released emails reveal more about Mohammed Emwazi's background. Before he joined ISIS, Emwazi told a British newspaper he was an innocent target of intelligence officials. Elizabeth Palmer reports from London.
Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was shot and killed Friday. While Russian President Vladimir Putin promises to find the killer, some suspect the government's involvement in Nemtsov's assassination. Clarissa Ward reports from Moscow.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in Washington preparing for Tuesday night's controversial speech to Congress. Netanyahu is running for re-election, and his angry disagreements with President Obama over a possible nuclear deal with Iran are at the center of that campaign. Major Garrett reports on how a historically bipartisan U.S.-Israeli re
Top diplomats meet for 1st time since Kerry accused Russian officials of lying to his face over role in Ukraine war
Israel's prime minister is scheduled to make controversial speech to Congress.
Top official says Israeli leader comes to Washington with info U.S. lawmakers need, but haven't been given

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