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Scores rescued, several crew members missing in freezing western Pacific waters; source says ship took only 15 minutes to go down
Gunfire, explosions, possible hostages reported; Islamic terror group al-Shabaab has carried out attacks in region in past
Shelling and looting by the extremists is decimating ancient artifacts that date back millenia; but one group is trying to offset the damage
January raid in the Philippines to capture Zulkifli bin Hir resulted in the death of 44 elite police commandos
Zaur Dadaev, who is charged with the killing of Boris Nemtsov, tells court he was "told what to say and how to say it"
During a nationwide shutdown, 10 people tested positive for the disease, although the number of cases is diminishing
Intense talks over Iranian nuclear program have gone beyond deadline and could be extended further as negotiators try to come to an agreement
Super Typhoon Maysak, which is blamed for 4 deaths, is expected to weaken before reaching the Philippines
A photographer took this gripping image of a child in a Syrian refugee camp who put her hands up when the camera was pointed at her. The picture shows the impact of growing up in a war-torn society.
17-year-old son of Canada's consul general was killed when he went into a house to buy marijuana, father says