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The mayors of Huetamo, Lazaro Cardenas and Patzcuaro are accused of having links to the Knights Templar group
Pentagon says it's still "assessing the results" of operation against al-Shabaab network
17 Marines and 8 sailors aboard the helicopter when it crashed during landing attempt; not caused by hostile activity, Navy says
Islamic extremists release latest edition of slickly produced online magazine as Western nations ponder best approach to combat them

Were Neanderthals artists?

Study of engravings in Gibraltar cave could be final nail in the coffin of hypothesis that Neanderthals were cognitively inferior to modern humans
Insurgents from eastern Ukraine pull back demands and say autonomy and amnesty may be enough to strike a peace deal
Even though Moscow-backed rebels lowered peace talk demands in Ukraine, Russia's aggression there has made Europe ready itself for worse
New government campaign encouraging people to stockpile toilet paper, because half of country's supply comes from earthquake-prone areas
Islamic Republic ruling clerics have repeatedly cracked down on free expression online, something the country's new president hopes to change
Jeffrey Fowle, Mathew Miller and Kenneth Bae appeal to Washington to send a high-ranking rep to negotiate their freedom

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