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Head of Serbia's state lottery has resigned after the allegations of fraud during the live ticket draw
Alleged attacker, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man, had recently been released from prison after conviction for stabbing people at 2006 gay pride parade
In the wake of the killing of Cecil, the Zimbabwean lion, the United Nations adopted a resolution to prevent the illicit trade
Remarks from deputy foreign minister come on heels of historical deal aimed at curbing Tehran's disputed nuclear program
Sarah Bajc, the girlfriend of a passenger aboard MH370, speaks to CBSN about the plane debris found on a remote island
Sources tell CBS News new leader has been named but may not be ready dive straight into nascent negotiations with Afghan government
The appearance of airplane debris on a remote island could be a major lead in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight
The finding of a piece of plane debris off an Indian Ocean island prompts speculation that it is part of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane
Airplane debris washed ashore on a remote island in the Indian Ocean, causing experts to believe it may be part of MH370, the missing Malaysia Airlines flight
Detained Palestinians use hunger strikes to protest detention without trial or charges, but Israel fears deaths could spark unrest