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Artificial islands under construction could become military bases
Greece failed to pay nearly $2 billion for loan payments on Tuesday
Cuba will also establish an embassy in Washington
Protest demanding more autonomy from china smaller than recent years, indicating uncertainty for democratic movement
Beijing won't let CBS News onto islands growing in the disputed South China Sea, but Seth Doane got as close as possible on a fishing boat
Military transport plane appears to have been carrying dozens of civilian passengers who were not on the flight manifest
ISIS branch in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula claims responsibility for attack on soldiers just 2 days after assassination of country's top prosecutor
Goals just minutes apart put the U.S. ahead of their European rivals and into the Women's World Cup final for 1st time since 2011
Officials say Nigerian businessman headed a "terrorists' intelligence cell" for the Islamic extremists while infiltrating a self-defense group
The United States and Cuba reached an agreement Tuesday to formally open embassies in each other's capitals