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High school vice principal had been rescued from sinking South Korea ferry where more than 200 of his students may have died
Overloaded boat capsizes in high waves during procession marking Catholic holiday
Moscow, Kiev agreed on steps to reduce tensions but pro-Russian insurgents refusing to leave occupied buildings
Desperation grows in search for hundreds of passengers, many of them high schoolers; rescued vice principal is found hanged
At least 12 guides killed, 3 missing as they prepared for climbing season on world's highest peak
Hanging in Iran did not go as planned when victim's mother stepped forward to save convicted killer's life
Leaflets distributed in Ukraine demand Jews register with authorities; some believe leaflets are fake
In Switzerland, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry reached a deal with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to take steps to de-escalate the tension in Ukraine. The U.S. has accused Russia of playing a role in escalating Ukraine's crisis, which Russia denies, and Washington is considering more sanctions. Craig Boswell reports.
Pope Francis embraces a practice that riled traditional Catholics when he first did it last year
CBS News Homeland Security Correspondent Bob Orr talks with CBS News Senior National Security Analyst Juan Zarate about the new video from al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and what it could tell us about the present -- and future -- of the terrorist group.