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Ex-commercial pilot gets 2-years-plus in prison for abusive sexual contact against a 14-year-old girl when was flying off-duty
A Seattle police officer has been reassigned after investigations point out that he wrote around 80 percent of tickets for marijuana in the first half of 2014
U.S. law enforcement wants to force software company to turn over emails stored in Ireland
Plane crashes at Oshkosh airport, where aircraft taking part in the annual AirVenture convention land
Authorities believe D'Aja Robinson, 14, was innocent victim of gang-related gunfire in May 2013
Officials begin to assess soggy aftermath at UCLA after rupture spews millions of gallons of water
A New Jersey detective was acquitted of all charges after he shot and killed a man he claimed was coming after his family on the side of a Maryland highway
St. Marianne Cope, who died in 1918, was known for caring for exiled leprosy patients
Ruling is major victory for Gov. Scott Walker, a potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate
Plaques placed by Portland police officer in city park to honor Nazi-era German soldiers have come back to haunt the city