Top Up-And-Coming Visual Artists In Houston

April 14, 2014 8:00 AM

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As a thriving cultural metropolis, Houston is full of up-and-coming artists of all kinds who are creating awesome pieces of visual art. Not just limited to painting on a canvas, these artists take their craft to the next level, creating artwork in three dimensions, out of many different kinds of materials and, in some cases, even art you can wear. These artists are definitely people to watch out for and check out whenever they are exhibiting their work at a gallery, unveiling a new mural or presenting at an art festival or other event. Don’t miss out on your chance to see some of these great pieces of artwork for yourself.
Kris Hawkins

This Houston native focuses on digital illustration and design. Inspired by many things in life, especially mythology, fantasy and emotional experiences in her youth, Hawkins uses her creativity and the techniques taught to her at the Art Institute of Houston’s Media Arts and Animation program to make vivid, unique pieces sure to get everyone talking. Much of her work is digitally crafted, and she uses her skills honed in the animation and film courses to really make images pop. Check out some of her typographic designs for something a little more modern.

Amelia Redmond

Katy native Amelia Redmond has always been interested in art and its expression, even if her degree is in linguistics and phonetics. As a somewhat practical artist, Redmond works to make everyday items that will be used, worn and seen daily into custom pieces of art. Drawing inspiration from film and some of her favorite movies, she draws intricate scenes and designs onto canvas sneakers, backpacks and more. “I think our favorite movies say a lot about us as a person. These are the stories that resonate with us because they reach something inside of us that wants to be set loose,” she notes on her online profile. For some fabulous wearable art, you can’t go wrong with a pair of delicately decorated Toms.


This native Houstonian has been around for a while but is still coming up with newer and fresher ways to express himself through graffiti art. One of the masterminds behind aerosol warfare, Gonzo247 (also known as Mario Enrique Figueroa, Jr.) has taken spray paint to a new level of artistic genius. His work has been showcased by the Lawndale Art Center and Discovery Green, as well as a mural for the downtown public library. Aerosol Warfare now has a gallery of its own – be sure to check out the new EaDo location.

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Andre Gandin

This artist uses industrial materials and leftover equipment to take recycling to a whole new level. Andre Gandin is a Houstonian who creates beautiful sculpture and folk art out of discarded metal pieces of equipment and machinery left over from many industrial processes. Due to the large size, most of his artwork is made to be displayed outside, often in gardens and other outdoor spaces frequented by visitors. You can find his pieces all across the Texas Hill Country and beyond.

Tara Jordan-Greenleaf

Tara Jordan-Greenleaf creates three-dimensional artwork on what most would consider a two-dimensional space. Her artwork literally leaps off of the canvas. Her trademark method is called palette knife sculptural painting and it is really one of the most unique things you’ll ever see. Check out her work all across Houston, including an exhibition this spring at The Gallery at 3202 White Oak.

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