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April 26, 2013 8:00 AM

Learning to swim is an important component of a well- rounded education and is a valuable skill that everyone should learn.

(credit: Thinkstock)

(credit: Thinkstock)

Education is vitally important for countless reasons, but there is more to a solid schooling experience than getting good grades in math and social studies. Having a well-rounded education also includes being able to use skills that promote extracurricular activities, such as swimming to broaden a student’s horizon. Simple instruction is all that is necessary to learn proper swimming techniques, build confidence and prepare children and adults for a lifetime of fun and fitness. Here are five of the best swimming classes offered in the Houston area:

Houston Swim Club
1711 N. Fry Road
Katy, TX 77449
(281) 579-7946

With five locations in the greater Houston area, the Houston Swim Club is one of the most popular and most respected places to learn how to swim. This business has been around since 1961 and it offers swimming lessons for all ages, from four months through adult. This business teaches children and adults the techniques for swimming in its heated pools and lessons are scheduled in thirty minute increments throughout the day. Some of the Houston Swim Club facilities even offer water aerobics and host birthday parties for children.

Aqua Tots Swim Schools
6122 Highway 6
Missouri City, TX 77459
(281) 205-4271

With swimming lessons available for kids as young as 6 months of age, Aqua Tots is an excellent choice to introduce children to a life time of exercise and healthy living. Children are divided into eight different classes based on ability, and are taught swimming both as a sport and as a means to survive in the water. Aqua Tots offers classes for adults as well and will even schedule in-home swim instruction for those with their own pools. Beyond swimming, this company offers CPR and first aid classes from certified instructors.

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Saint Street Swim
2717 Saint St.
Houston, TX 77027
(713) 626-7946

A business that caters to children, Saint Street Swim helps young people learn to swim, overcome fear of water, and  ultimately learn to enjoy the  fitness and recreation that swimming offers. Saint Street Swim has programs for children from the age of 1 through the early teens and older kids can opt to join one of the Saint Street Swim Teams where they learn the sport of swimming, both solo and in teams. Saint Street Swim is a member of the United States Swim School Association and its instruction and programs have earned it many accolades since it first opened in 1995.

Swimjim Texas
1100 Wilcrest Drive
Houston, TX 77042
(713) 784-1777

Swimjim Texas is a Houston-based swim lesson operation dedicated to teaching the fine art and technique of swimming to the entire family. Teaching children how to swim is beneficial to growth and safety and Swimjim Texas has different swim lessons tailored to meet the needs and skill levels of children at different ages. Adults can also benefit from knowing how to swim and Swimjim has beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes to assist adults as they learn how to float on their backs, swim freestyle, and tread water. Swimjim Texas has competitive pricing and provides discounts to families with more than one child in the program.

Ragsdill Swim School
1663 Blalock Road
Houston, TX 77080
(713) 465-6469

Ragsdill is a good choice for parents who want their children to learn how to swim and learn other skills. The swimming lessons are available to children age 2 and up and can be scheduled as early as 9:45 a.m. and as late as 6 p.m. each day, from late May through August. Swimming classes meet daily for quick learning and parents usually see results very quickly. Besides swimming, Rasgdill schools schedules art classes, computer labs, math and science workshops, and more, making it one of the better rounded swim schools in the Houston area.

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