Best Pulled Pork In Houston

May 22, 2013 7:00 AM

(photo credit: Thinkstock)

(photo credit: Thinkstock)

Houston sits at a crossroads of barbecue. To the west, beef takes the reins as the most popular meat choice, and to the east, in the Deep South, pork is the king of the pit. Since Houston sits between these barbecue regions, you can find both types of barbecue here. Pulled pork is a Southern staple at barbecue joints, and you don’t have to leave Houston to find great examples of it.

Little Big’s
2703 Montrose Blvd.
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 521-2447

The menu at Little Big’s is basic, but what it does, it does well. The only food items on the menu are sliders, salads, fries and shakes. The new Carolina-style pulled pork sliders are some of the best. Be sure to wait for the freshly prepared four-minute fries to complement the pork sliders, which come with cole slaw. You can choose a single slider or make it a meal with a set of three.

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Lyndon’s Pit BBQ
5320 Hollister St.
Houston, TX 77040
(713) 690-2112

Lyndon’s Pit BBQ was founded 16 years ago, in 1997, by Lyndon Maeker and his two sons. Their three combined experiences in the restaurant industry add up to 60 years. This experience and Lyndon Maeker’s prepared barbecue recipes are what have made Lyndon’s Pit BBQ last for 16 years. Lyndon’s pulled pork is available on a bun as a sandwich, as a sandwich plate with sides or as a supper plate with sides. There is even an option to have it piled atop a giant baked potato. When enjoying the pulled pork, leave room for the beer-battered onion rings or fried okra.

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Natachee’s Supper ‘N Punch
3622 Main St.
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 524-7203

Natachee’s Supper ‘N Punch is a midtown staple for Texas and Southern comfort food. The restaurant itself features a laid-back atmosphere with indoor and outdoor dining. Kids can dig in a sandbox and adults can enjoy live music on the weekends. The pulled pork sandwich is available as either a full-sized sandwich or as a set of three sliders. The sandwich comes with barbecue sauce and coleslaw all between the buns — all at reasonable prices.

Fainmous BBQ
10400 S. Post Oak Drive, Suite E
Houston, Texas 77035
(713) 728-9663

The founders of Fainmous BBQ, the Fains, emigrated from Knoxville to Houston, where they opened Fainmous BBQ. Unlike more familiar thick, tomatoy barbecue sauces, the sauces served at Fainmous BBQ are vinegar-based. The genuine pulled pork used on their sandwiches, basic barbecue joint menu and excellent prices make this one of the best places to try a pulled pork sandwich. For even the largest pulled pork sandwich and a side, it only costs around $6, and you have the option to get your sandwich with or without sauce. You can even get pulled pork as a part of a dinner plate with sides if you would rather not have a sandwich.

2310 Decatur St.
Houston, Texas 77007
(713) 864-2328

Beaver’s is an icehouse with a twist. The food served at Beaver’s is in the traditional icehouse line with sliders and appetizers, but there are also gourmet flairs added to the food. Among the many offerings at Beaver’s is one of the best sloppy sandwiches around. You have the choice of beef or Carolina-style pulled pork shoulder, which includes a vinegar-based sauce, only found in North Carolina. This sauce makes Beaver’s sloppy pork sandwich a rarity in the Houston-area, even among other pulled pork sandwiches, which usually include a sweet barbecue sauce. The sandwich includes chips and house-made killer coleslaw. There is even a double-meat option.

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