Best Bartending Classes in Houston

September 27, 2012 6:00 AM

If you are looking to shake things up with a new career, start it off on the right path with these top bartending schools in the Houston area.

bartender Best Bartending Classes in Houston

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Being a bartender is about more than pouring colorful beverages into frozen mugs. Success is a combination of skill, creativity and personality. The Houston area offers a few options for people who want a little head start in mastering the field. The settings are fun, the staff is knowledgeable and some locations have been serving the area for decades. Start your career off on the right path with these top bartending schools in Houston.

Texas School of Bartenders

16903 Red Oak Drive Suite 120
Houston, TX 77090
(281) 444-2600

The Texas School of Bartenders has served the Houston area for over 20 years with three convenient locations. The school touts its relationship with the best employers in the Houston area. From the mechanics of bar set-up to the best techniques in cocktails, students will learn it all. At the completion of the curriculum, graduates are rewarded with certifications from the school, Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission, and the popular computer system used in the industry. Job placement is also available. Flexible schedules are offered aside from the schedule listed on the school’s website. In less than one month, students will be on their way to serving up patrons in some of the most impressive establishments in Houston.

TSB Intro to Bartending Seminar

The “Intro to Bartending Seminar” schools students 18 and older in the art of bar set-up, brand identification, pour and shake methods with basic drinks, and customer service skills. This seminar will help aspiring bartenders decode the meticulous organization of a bar and give them an understanding of the placement of all tools needed to serve their patrons. Brand familiarization is another key aspect of the seminar. Finding the right whiskey for a whiskey ginger may not be as easy as you thought. Rounding out the seminar is a section on customer service which will provide you with instruction on successfully interacting with patrons.

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ABC Bartending Schools

3300 Chimney Rock Road
Houston, TX 77056
(713) 706-3330

ABC Bartending Schools have locations nationwide, with one location here in Houston. The curriculum includes bar set-up, customer service, cash handling, handling private parties, and more. The school touts its job placement program as one of the most tenacious in the industry. The list of successful casinos, restaurants, and hotels that the schools partner with is lengthy.

ABC Mixology

In the setting of a fully operational bar, with a constructed atmosphere imitating real life establishments, students learn in an on-the-job fashion. The fine art of mixing cocktails, “Mixology,” is a course that provides lessons in making more than 100 basic and fancy cocktails. The presentation of those drinks is also taught along with tips to enhance bar sales and tips. Rounding out the courses is a class aimed at preparing a graduate with interview skills to enter the field upon completion of the program.

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Houston Bartending Workshop

J. Durham’s
14641 Gladebrook Drive
Houston, TX 77068
(281) 408-3107

Houston Bartending Workshop is a program instructed by bartenders themselves. Currently, the program is offering a three day workshop at J. Durham’s. In three days, one can learn the basics of bartending with the Bartending 101 course, receive a book full of cocktail recipes, business cards and a TABC Certification. Additionally, the workshop will provide you with a resume, letter of recommendation and job placement opportunities. Located in a popular bar setting, students can learn hands-on what it is like to shake, stir and pour like a bartending vet at a fraction of the price of many schools. And to cut the cost even more, refer three people to the program and you can attend for free! Be sure to call and schedule your classes soon. Classes are usually scheduled once a month but vary depending on volume of attendees.

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