Ask A Houston Stylist: Putting Together Your Best Fall Look

October 29, 2013 7:00 AM

Now that the weather is finally cooling off, though there can still be some warm days in November and December with Houston’s unpredictable weather, it is time to pull out your sweaters and other fall clothes. Owner of Melodrama Boutique in the Museum District, Jackie Adams lends her expertise to help you dress your best this fall while you still keep your own personal style.

Jackie Adams
Melodrama Boutique
5306 Almeda Road
Houston, TX 77004
(713) 523-1608

Jackie Adams is the owner of Melodrama Boutique, which has been selling high-end accessories and clothing since 2002. Though her career initially started on a different path, she soon found a passion for clothing retail management, having managed locations for numerous chains in the clothing retail industry. By the year 2000, Jackie Adams began helping young women learn about the fashion industry, entertainment, media and art through her non-profit, All Women of Power. She has also guided young women into modeling careers, and has assisted with the outfitting of those in music videos while working with record labels like Rap-a-Lot here in Houston. Her passion for fashion is unmistakable, and her expertise is valuable. Here are some of her tips for dressing savvy this fall.

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Layer Your Outfits

Since the weather in Houston can change from summer-hot to winter-cold within a day during the fall, you will probably still have some of your summer clothes close at hand throughout the fall. Use those with some fall tops to create interesting layers that are also practical at keeping you warm when the weather cools off. For instance, wear your favorite summer skirt or shorts but have on a pair of opaque tights under them, and a cardigan worn over a sundress or tank top will give you a new look for the fall without having to buy a completely new wardrobe.

Add A Scarf

Anything you wear this season can be upgraded with a scarf. For this fall, choose a scarf in some of the hot colors for the 2013 fall season, emerald green and burgundy. Jewel tone and luxe-colored scarves in other colors are also great accents for anything you wear. Scarves are an affordable way to improve the look of any outfit, and with the current popular color of scarf, you can make your clothes from last season on trend for this fall.

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Make A Statement With Outerwear

Forget the age-old advice of getting plain outerwear in drab colors so it will match whatever you have on under it. Pick outerwear in bold colors or with oversized buttons or other accents. By having a bold jacket that makes a statement, you can wear simple clothes under it and dress them up with your jacket. Bold outerwear is also another way to create a layered look for your outfit.
Grab Some Booties

For the fall, Jackie Adams suggests a pair of ankle booties that you can wear with anything for the entire fall. Look for boots with buckles or detailed zippers in cognac or black. The right pair of booties will make any outfit look chic and edgy. You can find booties like these at most shoe stores around town, due to their popularity for the fall.
Combine Textures

When you want to be fashionable without being a clone of everyone else, combine textures. This way, you can maintain your individual style while still being fashion forward for the fall, since texture combinations are one of this season’s trends. Imagine the statement you will make wearing a jacquard skirt or leather pants with a sheer top, or how about a sequined mini skirt under a chunky knit sweater? The possibilities are only limited by what’s in your closet and your imagination.
Crystal Hessong ia a freelance writer and a lifelong, fourth generation Houstonian. Her work can be found at

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