10 Best Houston Foodies to Follow On Twitter

September 5, 2012 6:00 AM

If you’re a foodie, or just a lover of food, Twitter offers unique access to countless food writers in the area.

twitter 10 Best Houston Foodies to Follow On Twitter

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Twitter has become one of the fastest growing social media sites. Your best friend, your neighbor, co-worker, newspapers, magazines and just about every celebrity tweets something daily. If you’re a foodie, or just a lover of food, Twitter offers unique access to countless food writers in the area. Unlike Facebook, Twitter requires you to express yourself in 160 words or less. Once you start following people, Twitter will suggest more for you to follow. Any time you log in, your home page will fill up with your followers’ Twitter status updates and what others are saying about them. Retweet what others post and post anytime you wish.

Eating Our Words @EatingOurWords

The Houston Press food blog knows food. Receive updates on where to eat, what to eat, recipes, tips and deals here on Eat Our Words. Diving into their favorite places, and foods, you will discover more about food and Houston from foodies on the inside track. The ideas Eat Our Words tweets exist nowhere else.

CheapEats InHouston @Htowncheapeats

If you love to eat out and love a great deal, you must follow CheapEats InHouston. If offers daily updates on deals, cheap places to eat  including food trucks, events, who to follow on Twitter and stunning food photographs. Follow CheapEats InHouston and your wallet (and your taste buds) will never be the same again.

Monica Pope @MonicaPope

Blogger and cookbook author of “Eat Where Your Food Lives,” Monica Pope tweets about her cooking classes, workshops, events, deals, and other cookbook authors in and around Houston. Pope tweets about the ins and outs of food in a clever and fun way.Pop on over to her restaurant and lounge, Tafia, where she regularly tweets its goings on. Be sure to log into her blog and online cookbook to try her delicious recipes.

Jenny Wang @imneverfull

A food writer, radio talk show co-host/producer and Twitter enthusiast, Jenny Wang knows Houston food. Picking amazing and new places to eat out, posting pictures of her food, she makes you want to dive into each of the dishes she so lovingly talks about. Come and join her as she keeps you up to date not only about where and what to eat, but classes, other foodie’s reviews and foodie news.

Robb Walsh @robbwalsh

Enjoy learning about local produce, all things barbecue, events, places to eat and deals as you follow Robb Walsh, co-owner of El Real Tex-Mex Café, cookbook author and food writer. Walsh not only takes you in and around Houston, but all over the state with the best local finds. Traveling from Houston to Hill Country to Waco, Walsh investigates and brings the best food back to Houston. Follow Walsh and not only will you learn about homegrown food, but stay up to date about all that is happening around Houston and at El Real Tex-Mex Café.

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Alison Cook @alisoncook

A food critic for the Houston Chronicle, Alison Cook knows everything food in Houston: places to eat, the best chefs, events and all of the new restaurant openings. Cook tweets all of her reviews and articles, letting you dive into all that is Houston. Follow her and keep up with all of the latest and greatest in Houston.

Chris Shepherd @cshepherd13
1100 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX  77006
(713) 528-9800

The executive chef and owner of Underbelly, a restaurant boasting local produce, seasonal foods and a tribute to all things Houston, Chris Shepherd takes you on the adventures and happenings at Underbelly. Find out specials, deals and what will be on the menu, as it is always changing to serve the best that Houston has to offer. Also look for other events happening in Houston that Shepherd recommends.

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