Pick Sixes Continue In Rams Rout Of Texans
Despite Crazy Week, Texans Sticking With Matt Schaub
Dat Nguyen Gives His Take From Watching Texans PracticeDat Nguyen joined The Fred & Ted Show to talk about the things he observed out at Texans practice including the Keenum versus Yates backup QB battle, how Swearinger and Hopkins are doing, and more.
Kubiak Addresses Addition of Mays, Play of Keenum [VIDEO]
Texans To Draft A Quarterback
T.J. Yates Didn't Look Like Rookie In Texans WinWhen addressing the media, the Texans quarterback finds himself touted as one of the team heroes in their first ever playoff win against the Cincinnati Bengals.
Rough Evening For Texans And QB TJ Yates
JJ Watt, Did You Get Screwed By The Refs?
Bum Phillips Upset Over Texans Loss, Just Like You
Texans Player Profile: Jake Delhomme
Texans Most Important Win Kubiak? (We See You Smiling)
Quarterback TJ Yates Here... Check It Out

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