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A Woman Who Knows Sports: Hot Or Not?

A Woman Who Knows Sports: Hot or Not?


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Do Men Have Just Two Feelings? Women Sure Don’t

Men face the stereotype of being out of tune with feelings, incapable of understanding emotion, unlikely to see beyond the surface and too rugged for gentle touch.


Seen Around Lincoln Center - Day 6 - Fall 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Guys, Who Is Your Nightmare Date?

Guys, which chick would be your nightmare date?


Families Lose Homes As Weak Economy, Housing Crisis Drags On

More Families Homeless As Unemployment Continues

“A third of all families with children (13.4 million families) have incomes less than twice the federal poverty line. ” – Urban.org

CBS Houston–10/17/2011

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Why Men Shouldn’t Write Advice Columns

If this is real, it’s an excellent example of how men and women think differently.


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Wife’s Diary Vs. Husband’s Diary

Women over-analyze everything to death, and it seems men are incapable of forming complex thoughts.


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Men’s Drycleaning Cheaper Than Women’s

Let’s face it. Women pay more for drycleaning than men do, but why? Can you answer that?


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A&M Stuns Stanford, Heads To Title Game

Texas A&M’s defense was good enough to upset two No. 1 seeds.


Play-in Game: Kelly Kelly vs. Lisa Chavarria

Our Hottest Media Women Tourney Gets Some Flack – Oh Well

Nobody cheated during the play-in game to make Lisa Chavarria the winner. We’re better than that.


Hotties And Notties: Mar.16

Check out Wednesday’s Hotties and Notties.

SportsRadio 610–03/16/2011