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Home Show with Tom Tynan: Sat March 3

Houston’s favorite home improvement guy, Tom Tynan, answers home repair questions for Sports 610 listeners again this morning.

SportsRadio 610–03/03/2012

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Home Show with Tom Tynan: Sun Feb 5

Houston’s favorite home improvement guide, Tom Tynan, walks you through home repairs from water leaks to radiant barriers. Whether you are doing the honey do list or remodeling a room in your house his tips will save you time and money!

SportsRadio 610–02/05/2012

Tom Tynan 02

Home Show with Tom Tynan: Sat Feb 4

A rainy day in Houston means leaks and Tom Tynan answers plenty of listeners’ questions about how to fix those leaks. He also covered tree roots, concrete and home inspections.

SportsRadio 610–02/04/2012