Customers At Walmart

Walmart Apologizes For Printing ISIS Flag Cake After Refusing Customer’s Confederate Cake

A Louisiana Walmart is apologizing for making an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria flag cake after a customer was turned down for a Confederate flag printed cake.


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Woman Posts Fake Photos To Facebook Claiming She Got ‘Jumped’ By 3 Black Men At Walmart

A woman who has been described as “emotionally disturbed” posted photos to Facebook claiming she got “jumped” by three black men at a Texarkana Walmart.


Customers At Walmart

Teacher Fired For Stuffing 11 Kids In Car To Go On Candy Run To Wal-Mart

An Oklahoma school board has fired a math teacher and yearbook instructor after she went on a candy run with 11 students, including two locked in the trunk of her car.


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#Trending In Entertainment: Clooney Marries and Jennifer Lopez’s Car Crash

This week, another Hollywood bachelor is taken off the table while two stars are involved in a car crash.


Authorities say an Oklahoma 17-year-old pretended to be a Walmart employee to scam 3 stores. (Getty Images)

Police: Teen Tricked Oklahoma Walmart Managers Out Of Nearly $30,000

Authorities say the 17-year-old boy used his old uniform and some acting skills to pull off the scams at 3 stores.


Police say a Hello Kitty purse was among the less than $50 in merchandise the shoplifter stole. (Getty Images)

Shoplifter Causes Deadly Car Accident

The shoplifter ran a red light, hitting another car and killing a 50-year-old mother, say police.


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Woman Catches Man Allegedly Masturbating Inside Walmart Bathroom

A man was arrested after being accused of masturbating inside a Tulsa Walmart bathroom.


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Police: Teens Forced Grandmother To Panhandle In Walmart Parking Lot For Gas Money

Twin teenagers are accused of forcing their grandmother to panhandle for money at Walmart so they could buy gas.


Two members of the “Duck Dynasty” cast have announced the upcoming release of a Duck Commander-themed Bible for the fall. (credit: Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images)

Forbes: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Merchandise Rakes In $400M In Sales For Retailers

“Duck Dynasty” merchandise is raking in hundreds of millions of dollars for retailers.


Eager Retailers Greet Crowds Of Shoppers On "Black Friday"

Best Cities For Black Friday Shopping

While many other consumers will simply avoid holiday crowds at shopping malls or even wait until Cyber Monday, retail stores across the nation will be buzzing with activity on the day after Thanksgiving. The following are five of the best American cities for Black Friday deals.