2006 NFL Draft

Hammond: NFL Draft Is Front Office’s Whole Season, Rockets Twitter Guy Had Dumb Moment

Most of us don’t live and die by any one day at work. NFL teams do. It’s called, The NFL Draft. Plus, no question, the Rockets firing their social media guy was over the top. […]

SportsRadio 610–04/30/2015

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7 Best Playoff Tweets From Rockets’ Twitter

The Houston Rockets have one of the best twitter accounts in the NBA.  After a tweet that ruffled feathers before the Rockets eliminated the Mavericks, that might be changing. Chad Shanks was fired from the […]


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Rockets Let Go Person Behind Emoji Tweet

Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – The Houston Rockets have fired Chad Shanks, the person behind the controversial gun to a horses head emoji tweet that was sent out as the Rockets closed out the Dallas Mavericks […]



Hammond: Rockets Emoji Tweet As Dumb As Over The Top Reaction

The Rockets horse emoji, gun emoji tweet last night was inarguably in poor taste, and the reaction is just as inarguably over the top. Plus, if you’re an NFL fan anywhere but Cleveland, you don’t […]

SportsRadio 610–04/29/2015

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Current And Former Texans Send Tributes To Andre Johnson

Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – As word broke that Andre Johnson would not be wearing a Houston Texans uniform in 2015 many former and current teammates took to twitter to express their admiration for someone many […]

SportsRadio 610–03/03/2015

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Astros 1960’s Programs Are Horribly Insensitive

The people at @Uniformcritic on twitter dug up some old Houston Astros programs from the 1960’s. These weren’t the type of programs you see now with high quality images of the star players on the front. These contained different cartoons depicting the Astros upcoming match-ups and in some cases those cartoons are extremely insensitive.

SportsRadio 610–02/18/2015

Top Men

Three Historical Sports Figures We Wish Had Twitter

Twitter came to the world in 2006, but became the Twitter we know in 2007. If only some of our favorites from the sports world of yesteryear had the ability to tweet. We came up […]


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Meltsdown: Miko Grimes, Wife of NFL CB Brent Grimes, Rips NFL in Twitter Tirade

As Heard on MadRadio, Miko Grimes, wife of NFL CB Brent Grimes, rips the NFL on Twitter. Mike and Seth read reactions to the tirade.

SportsRadio 610–01/27/2015

Murdered Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. (credit: Facebook)

Hollywood Response To ‘American Sniper’ Shows Wide Divide

Hollywood celebrities have taken to social media outlets to express their differing reactions to the Clint Eastwood film “American Sniper.”


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Tinder Fun With Arian Foster Tweets

Paul Gallant has no Tinder “game”. So he decided to bust out Arian Foster tweets for the ladies.

SportsRadio 610–12/02/2014