Outdoor Show: Fri Sept 12
Kevin Harlan On March's MagicOne of the best play-by-play voices in the game, Kevin Harlan, joins Mike and Barry to talk about the highs and lows of March Madness.
Outdoors Show: Sunday, Oct. 30Captain Bennie hosts solo and talks to the sickos about duck hunting, redfish, deer hunting, red tide, and unusual fish.
Outdoors Show: Sunday, Sep. 25Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie discuss a range of topics including oysters, hunting, water conditions, and more on this fun Sunday with the sickos.
Outdoors Show: Sat June 25The Captains get you up to speed on fishing the Gulf Coast. Professional guides call in with fishing reports from Louisiana to Corpus. If you need info on tournaments, redfish, trout, bait, tackle, boats and more...here's where you'll find it.
Outdoors Show: Friday, Jun. 17Captain Micky talks with his friends about the troubles of Texas summers and the impact this weather is having on fishing.
Outdoors Show: Sunday, May 15Captain Bennie talks about weather conditions, the surf, tides, and fish migration.

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