3T Guesses at the Net Worth of Celebrities 5-25-16Sean, Rich & Ted guess at the net worth of various celebrities. The anarchy hour started a little early.
Classic Story on Houston Oiler Mike Rozier from Rich LordSean, Rich & Ted discuss a great story about something former Houston Oiler Mike Rozier did with his locker.
Triple Threat on a New Battle in the NFL Concussion StorySean, Rich & Ted talk about how a battle with insurance companies could completely change everything we know about the NFL and concussions.
Triple Threat with All Due Respect 5-25-16Sean, Rich & Ted talk about stupid people and the stupid things they've done. Included are stories about a woman who punched a horse and a man who blamed his DUI on beer battered fish.
Triple Threat on Arian Foster's Recovery 5-25-16Sean, Rich & Ted talk about the status of Arian Foster's recovery from injury, and which team he might sign with once he's ready to play.
Triple Threat with some Damn Straight Advice 5-25-16Sean, Rich & Ted give out some damn straight advice to our listeners on the text line. The segment goes off the rails quickly when someone asks what drugs they should take to improve their love-making.
Triple Threat on Mayweather vs McGregor 5-24-16Sean, Rich & Ted talk about if they think the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight will happen, how competitive it would be, and if they'd watch the match.
Triple Threat on Ken Starr and Baylor 5-24-16Sean, Rich & Ted talk about the update to the Baylor controversy. A report indicates that school president Ken Starr will step down, but won't actually be fired and that head coach Art Briles is safe. They have a huge problem with this decision.
Triple Threat on Johnny Manziel 5-24-16Sean, Rich & Ted talk about the TMZ report that said friends of Johnny Manziel are scared that he may die soon if he doesn't change his behavior.
Triple Threat with All Due Respect 5-24-16Sean, Rich & Ted mock stupid people and the stupid stuff they've done. Included is a story about a drunk man who jumped into a lion inhabit and tried to shake hands with one of the lions.
Triple Threat on Draymond Green 5-24-16Sean, Rich & Ted discuss the NBA's decision to not suspend Draymond Green over kicking Steven Adams in the groin. Included is audio from Jeff Van Gundy with this thoughts on the situation.
Triple Threat on the Houston Cougars and the Big 12Sean, Rich & Ted talk about Tilman Fertitta, chairman of the Board of Regents for the University of Houston, who had some hot takes on getting his school into the Big 12. He said that Big 12 schools are scared of the Cougars.

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