Outdoor Show: Sun Sept 15The second day of teal season yields some great hunting reports from guides and hunters around the area. Whether you're first time or veteran hunters the pros pass along new regulations and tips to9 make sure your trip is successful, legal and safe! Oh and there's some fishing reports too.
Outdoor Show: Sun Sept 30The Captains take your calls on Open Line Fun Sunday and it always leads to some great conversation! This morning they cover large mouth bass world records, cracklin cornbread and help out a few sickos with fishing and boat questions.
Outdoors Show: Sat Sept 24Hunting or fishing, the Captains bring in their regular crew of pros to help you get the most out of your outdoor experience. Bait, boats, saltwater, freshwater, hunting guides, hunting dog training and more tips to answer your questions from Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie.
Outdoors Show: Sep. 22, ThursdayListen as Captain Mickey hears reports from area guides, gives the weather conditions, & answers your questions.

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