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Clark Howard: What To Do When Flights Are Overbooked

Clark tells you the best thing to do when your flight is overbooked. It turns out there may even be some money in it for you. Listen to find out what to do.

CBS Sports Radio 650–09/07/2011

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Smerconish and Ridge on Homeland Security

Former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Tom Ridge joins Michael on the program. They discuss the nation’s safety and the upcoming 9/11 anniversary.

CBS Sports Radio 650–09/06/2011

Boehner’s Plan For the Debt Ceiling

Stephen Hayes, writer for the Weekly Standard, discusses the Boehner plan and whether or not it could eradicate the debt ceiling.


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Clark Howard Rip-off Alert: Watch For These Bank Scams

Clark warns you about a very prominent and nationwide bank that could be scamming you out of your hard-earned money.

CBS Sports Radio 650–08/23/2011

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Schnit About Gov. Perry: “Makes Me Uncomfortable”

We all know that Texas Governor Rick Perry is gunning for the Republican Presidential nomination. Todd Schnitt tells why he doesn’t believe Perry is the right fit.

CBS Sports Radio 650–08/18/2011

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Top 5 Reasons We Secretly Hate Smartphones

It’s time to finally stop pretending how awesome your new smartphone is and realize why not just yours, but all smartphones, suck. Need further proof? Here are our top 5 reasons we’d love to “break” our smartphone.


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Anarchy In UK – Is Houston Safe From Riots?

Question to make you think:How would the City of Houston and HPD combat similar uprisings?


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America Is In A Crisis

Todd Schnitt faces off against some of his own callers when they question his consistency and tell him the debt crisis is fake.

CBS Sports Radio 650–08/11/2011

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Free Way To Find Internet Libel About You

We all hate when someone talks about us on the internet. Clark tells you a free way to find out what people online are writing about you.

CBS Sports Radio 650–08/11/2011

Sports Can Transform Lives

Joe Ehrmann joins the Talk 650 Morning Show to talk about his new book “InsideOut Coaching”.