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Referee Lane Mills (L) steps in as Evander Holyfield (R) reacts after Mike Tyson bit his ear in the third round.

5 Defining Moments In Boxing Over The Past 50 Years

Every sport has those memorable moments that define it forever. These 5 moments changed boxing, for better or worse.


Ray Leonard, Jr.

Sugar Ray Leonard’s Son Had Similar Scholarship Dilemma As P. Diddy’s Son

You would think Justin Combs, the son of Hip Hop mogul P. Diddy, is the first kid from money to earn an athletic scholarship with the debate being waged this week about whether or not UCLA cover the recruit’s tuition when he steps on campus this fall.


Sugar Ray Leonard In Melbourne

An Intimate Look At Sugar Ray Leonard

Sugar Ray Leonard, one of the greatest boxers of all time, explains why he decided to write an autobiography and how he dealt with the pressures of being famous.


Sugar Ray Leonard with Marc and John 12/21/10

The legendary boxer joined Marc and John and talked about his career, what he thinks of the sport today and the movie The Fighter in which he has a cameo in.