3T - College Football Legend Steve SpurrierSean, Rich, and Ted talked to college football coaching legend Steve Spurrier LIVE from the Paul Bear Bryant Awards ceremony.
The Best of The Triple Threat 01-10-2018The Best of The Triple Threat, from Wednesday 01-10-2018
Clowney Weighs in on His College Coach Spurrier Leaving USC
This Week In College Football: Spurrier Leaves Fingerprints All Over The SportThe 'Ole Ball Coach stepped away from the college game this week, his legacy is something to behold.
Upon Further Review: Historic Weekend In College Football
Aggies Looking for Déjà Vu All Over Again – Sort OfWhile Sumlin has been praised for his recruiting efforts – deservedly so – the judgment on what those efforts mean in terms of wins and losses and competing for SEC or national titles begins tonight.
Texans Draft: Anxiety BuildsThe Texans will draft a player on May 8th that you may or may not like. Be ready to accept their choice because you'll have to live with it one way or the other.
Torretta Goes Off On BoostersGino Torretta talks about the Ohio State scandal, paying college players and how to fix it.

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