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Adding Sprinkler Systems: What You Need To Know

Installing the right sprinkler system can save time and money, as well as conserve energy and water output. It can also increase the lushness and health of your lawn. Ready to get started?


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Home Show with Tom Tynan: Sat Dec 10

Seems there’s a lot of plumbing problems in the Houston area these days. Tom Tynan took on plumbing issues of all kinds this morning along with flooring, fireplaces and the high cost of home repairs.

SportsRadio 610–12/10/2011


Home Show with Tom Tynan: Sat Oct 8

Foundation trouble, sprinklers question, home repairmen insurance, rats in grills and counter tops. Just a few of the topics covered this morning by Houston’s favorite home repair guru Tom Tynan.

SportsRadio 610–10/08/2011


The Home Show with Tom Tynan: Say June 18

The lack of rain is effecting every part of your home – attic, foundation, windows, air conditioning and more. Tom Tynan talks about that and all types of home improvement issues with callers from arounf the Gulf Coast,

SportsRadio 610–06/18/2011


The Home Show with Tom Tynan: Sat June 11

Getting Houstonians ready for summer heat…it’s hot now and gonna get hotter. Tom Tynan talks insulation, sprinkler systems and generators.

SportsRadio 610–06/11/2011