Amazon Founder Successfully Launches, Recovers Reusable RocketAmazon founder Jeff Bezos is celebrating after a successful test flight of Blue Origin's New Shepard spacecraft, the first rocket designed to be entirely reusable.
Pluto Gets Its Close-Up; NASA Spacecraft Makes Historic FlybyNew Horizons was straight on course for the historic encounter with Pluto, sweeping within 7,800 miles of the dwarf planet at 31,000 mph.
NASA: Evidence Of Ocean On Moon Of JupiterThe amount of water on Jupiter's moon Ganymede may be more than on the entire planet Earth.
Scientists: Milky Way May Be 50 Percent Bigger Than Previously ThoughtStars once believed to lie in concentric rings outside the galaxy may actually be part of the Milky Way.
Scientists Unable To Find Massive Population Of Stars That Went MissingNew observations of a distant galaxy cluster find far more younger stars than older stars than existing theories predicted.
SpaceX Breaks Ground On Texas Rocket Launch SiteFounder Elon Musk expects SpaceX to invest $100 million in the world's first commercial orbital spaceport during the next three to four years.
SpaceX Rocket Blows Up During Test FlightNobody was injured when the unmanned rocket exploded at a test site in McGregor.
SpaceX CEO Signals Favor For Texas SiteSpaceX founder Elon Musk says he's interested in putting a launch pad on a beach near Brownsville.

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