Outdoor Show: Sun Aug 28The Car Doctor joins Captain Mickey this morning...so it's motor talk and fishing info for open line fun Sunday!
Outdoor Show: Sun Aug 7The Car Doctor is in the house so you know the stories are hip deep! It's Open Line Fun Sunday.
Outdoor Show: Sat Aug 6The Car Doctor is in the house so you know the stories are hip deep! The latest reports from around the region and some good car advice are here this morning.
Outdoor Show: Sun Nov 15Early morning sickos! Busch Beer and GameGuard have teamed up to make this the best hunting season ever. Participate in the Busch/GameGuard Best Hunting Season Ever Sweepstakes Program by going to <a href="http://buschhunt.absweeps.com">this website</a> to participate. Over 1,400 Busch GameGuard items are being given away. - You can also listen for your chance to win customized Busch GameGuard equipment during the “Outdoor Show” here on SportsRadio610.
Outdoor Show: Sun Oct 25
Outdoor Show: Sun Oct 18
Outdoor Show: Sun Mar 8Open Line Fun Sunday gives all the early morning sickos a chance to call in and tell stories, ask questions and tell a couple corny jokes. Captain Mickey and Skeeter, the Texas Car doctor, handle the questions and tall tales.
Outdoor Show: Sat Mar 7
Outdoor Show: Sun July 13Going fishing with a guide? Captain Mickey gives you all the do's and don'ts when going out with a pro. There's trailer talk, car repair advice, bait, lures, what to do when a stingray gets you and all the usual Open Line Fun Sunday Sickos!
Outdoor Show: Sat July 12Skeeter Lothringer from Skeeter's Auto Service rode shotgun this morning with Captain Mickey. The Car Doctor talked fishing, cars and good times with guides and callers. Get the latest reports from pros on the water and advice on how to make your next fishing trip a success.
Outdoor Show: Sat April 12The Texas Car Doctor Skeeter Lothringer joins Captain Mickey this morning for some big fish stories and reports from their pro friends around the region. The wind has washed out a lot of fishing trips this week but there's always plenty to talk about with the early morning sickos!
Outdoor Show: Sun Sept 22Open Line Fun Sunday with Captain Mickey and Skeeter The Car Doctor! The stories are bigger and better than ever. Bass fishing, hunting, cotton mouth snakes and the latest fishing reports are all part of the show this morning.

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