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Foods Which May Help With Her Libido

Before running off to see a medicine doctor or ordering mystery drugs off the TV, consider additions to the diet. Several foods are natural ways to increase libido in women.


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Submit Your Relationship Questions Or Topics

Have a question on your mind or a burden weighing on your heart?


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How Long To Wait To Date After A Breakup

For the last few weeks, we are learning about life after a hard breakup.


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DOs And DON’Ts After The Breakup

Psychotherapist MaryJo Rapini, an expert on sex, relationships and intimacy, says that men typically handle breakups worse than women.



eHarmony Video Bio Gone Bad

This chick really loves cats. That, or this is a fake, scripted video.


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JustDareClaire: Sexy Shoes For The Bedroom

Our super-sassy, provacative sex talk writer, Claire Crawford, believes there are some shoes for women that are meant to be worn to bed to spice up lovemaking.


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What’s The Point Of Dating Anyway?

So many times I hear that the woman is interested, but the man doesn’t want a relationship. I don’t get it.



Don’t Turn Her Into The Invisible Woman

Don’t turn her into the invisible woman. Women are meant to yap, so don’t take their voices away.


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Are Guys Becoming Too Lazy Courting Women These Days?

Guys, just pick up the phone and dial.

SportsRadio 610–05/23/2011

David Foster And Friends In Concert

What songs put you in the mood?

J&R and Greg Koch discuss Cosmo’s list of the Top 10 songs to make whoopee to… what songs put YOU in the mood?

SportsRadio 610–02/25/2011