SportsRadio 610 Houston Texans Season PredictionsEvery year before the season we ask everyone at the station what they think the Houston Texans record will be when the season ends. Here are the 2016 predictions from the staff at SportsRadio 610.
Jay Prosch: Making Or Missing The CutAfter being drafted in the sixth round of the 2014 NFL Draft, Prosch was believed to embody the toughness that Texans head coach Bill O’Brien would be looking for in his first Texans’ offense, old school and blue collar. Along the way, O’Brien and offensive coordinator George Godsey even tried to convince us at various times that Prosch is something he clearly isn’t, lining him up on occasion as a single setback or splitting him out wide, an odd concession of playing 10-on-11 if there ever was one.
POLL: Texans Fans Would Undergo Surgery To Keep Watt HealthyWell, because according to a Twitter poll I posted last Friday, the majority of Texan fans would be willing to go under the knife themselves if it meant a guarantee that J.J. Watt remained healthy. Here are the exact numbers on the poll:
[WATCH] Jose Altuve Singing Backstreet Boys Before Astros GameSo finally, live from the Astros clubhouse on Monday, we received confirmation of the song’s greatness. Courtesy of Lance McCullers' Instagram account, here is the summer mayor of Houston, Jose Altuve, belting out this American treasure of a tune…..
Arian Foster Working Out For Multiple Teams This WeekWell, that's where we are with NFL free agency and Arian Foster is Patrick F'ing Dempsey, you free agency shopping fools!
PENDERGAST: Wagering On Kevin Durant OddsAnd then you have NBA fans around the league lamenting that the regular season (and perhaps a large chunk of the postseason) have been rendered irrelevant by Golden State’s greatness, a top heavy league being made even more top heavy. Well, if you love NBA basketball and you’re worried about the season being moot thanks to Durant’s decision, there is one remedy to rectify the boredom — GAMBLING! (Which quite honestly, is my solution to roughly 70 percent of my problems. Drinking is the solution for the other 30 percent.)
PENDERGAST: Is Andrew Luck Overrated AND Underpaid?Since the day he was drafted in 2012 and anointed the savior for the Indianapolis Colts from their one season of total despair, 2-14 in 2011, Andrew Luck's ascension to the throne of Lord Highest Paid Guy of House NFL has been a de facto fait accompli. Even in a draft class that includes another quarterback who's already been to two Super Bowls and won one (what up, Russ?), it's Luck who's been viewed as the "chosen one." Always.
Johnny Manziel Trolls His DAD On Instagram (PHOTOS)Last week, if you recall, one of Manziel's attorneys accidentally fired off a text to the Associated Press in which he detailed plans to try and cop a plea in Manziel's domestic assault case against his ex-girlfriend in Dallas, the existence of a receipt for over $1,000 in drug paraphernalia from last Tuesday, and concern that Manziel's plea agreement will fall apart if "Heaven help us .. one of the conditions is to pee in a bottle."
[WATCH] Pittsburgh Pirates Starting Lineup Intro Video Is Greatest Intro EverLet the record reflect that I am a fan of the Houston Astros. I'm a die hard. i love my hometown nine. However, I'l just say point blank -- they need to do more cool stuff like this. In fact, they need to do the Houston version of this, and "this" is the starting lineup video that the Pittsburgh Pirates played before their game two nights ago. (I'm told they've played this before other games, but I just learned about it Tuesday night.)
How Many 'MERICA! Things Can You Count In This Video?Am I stereotyping a little bit? Perhaps. But when we scream the word 'MERICA! -- the slightly mangled, Southern fried version of the actual word "America" -- certain images come to mind. I would list them all here, but thankfully, the Instagram video below was sent to me by a listener, and it might be the most 'MERICA thirty seconds of video since Lex Luger body slammed Yokozuna on the deck of the USS Intrepid on the Fourth of July back in 1993.
This Is How You Do A Wrestling Angle (w/ LOTS of VIDEO)Back in 1982, I was 13 years old, and there were three things that really mattered to me — my family, the Philadelphia 76ers, and Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. Yes, I realize at age 13 that I was smack dab in the middle of puberty and "females" should have been on that list, but understand that, without the pornographic anarchy of the internet, we really had to work to find our nudity back in the day. It was frankly a lot easier to just dial in on sports than it was to befriend the one kid whose dad was pretty loose with the storage of his old issues of Playboy. And it was WAY easier than actually talking to girls. (You kids these days with your Tinder and your Snapchat just don't get it, man! Life was ROUGH in the 80's!)
PENDERGAST: My Texan's NFL Draft Report CardThree days of drafting, and one thing is clear -- you guys thirst draft analysis. Specifically, you thirst MY draft analysis. On Thursday and Friday of last week, my draft preview for the Texans was (justifiably) one of the most clicked articles on the SportsRadio 610 website....because of all of the draftniks out there, my analysis is clearly the most informed and the most balanced.

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