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Houston Teacher Enjoys Teaching Students About The World Around Them

Good science teachers are in high demand right now, as nationally there is a push for more and more students to have high-quality instruction in STEM fields.


A Hubble image shows the globular cluster Fornax 3 in the dwarf galaxy Fornax. Astronomers are baffled because stars seem to be missing from the cluster. (Photo by NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope)

Scientists Unable To Find Massive Population Of Stars That Went Missing

New observations of a distant galaxy cluster find far more younger stars than older stars than existing theories predicted.


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For The Love Of Science

The school year has begun, and Debra Palmer’s fifth-grade class is learning the usual subjects. There’s some math, some English – and of course, the kids will also design their own underwater robots.


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At The Frontiers Of Science

Working with the smallest building blocks of the universe, Raytheon’s scientists are creating new substances and computing technology straight from the pages of science fiction.


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STEM Education & Why President Obama Has Made It An Educational Priority

Innovation drives the U.S. economy, and employees with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills have become a hot commodity in post-recession America.


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Study: Men With Sperm Defects Have Higher Risk of Dying Prematurely

In the study, young and middle-aged men who had sperm defects such as low sperm count were two times more likely to die prematurely.


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Texas Mulls New Textbooks, Sparks Evolution Debate

Dozens of experts and activists have lined up to testify before the State Board of Education as it mulls approval of new science textbooks for classrooms around Texas.


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Houston Ranked Among Nation’s Leading Cities For ‘STEM’ Jobs

According to a recent Brookings Institute report, Houston ranks sixth nationwide for having STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) opportunities.


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Former Teacher Gets 5 Years For Online Soliciting Of Male Students

A former agriculture science teacher at a high school in North Texas has been sentenced to five years in prison for online solicitation of male students.


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Study: Compound In Beer Could Help Fight Viruses

Texas residents who indulged in Dallas Beer Week last month may have felt under the weather the next day. However, according to a new study, beer drinkers in Texas – and beyond – may be feeling fine throughout the winter months, despite many being prone to bouts of cold and flu.