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The Real Rudy: ‘Never Give Up On Your Dreams’

Daniel ‘Rudy’ Ruettiger joins MaD Radio. Yes, that Rudy.


Ft Bend Helping 3-3-12 001

I Play to My Strengths (and Weaknesses)!

Rudy T’s wife loves the rose bushes that Barry Warner gave her. I wonder if she wants to adopt the ones that Barry gave me? I’d be willing to come visit on holidays and maybe […]


Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans

‘Wrecking Ball’ Wants To Walk On For Texans

A listener named “Wrecking Ball” called in give his reasons on why he should make the Texans roster next season. Hilarious!


Be A Broadcaster: Rudy Escamilla

Rudy Escamilla joins Shaun Bijani in the broadcast booth at Fan Fest. Download the audio.