Home Show With Tom Tynan Sat. Oct. 13
Home Show With Tom Tynan Sat. Oct.6
The Home Show w/ Tom Tynan: Sunday, Apr. 22Tom Tynan gives tips on home repair and maintenance.
Home Show with Tom Tynan: Sat March 24Houston's favorite home improvement guru Tynan, talks you through many home repair projects again this mornig. From plumbing to AC freon he shoots you the straight scoop on the smartest way to make your home improvements last and look great!
Home Show with Tom Tynan: Sat Jan 7Tom talks Texans and home inprovement...two big weekend things in Houston! Tackling all your home improvement problems is what he does every Sat and Sunday morning.
Home Show with Tom Tynan: Sat Nov 26Houston's favorite home improvement guy, Tom Tynan, helps out Sports Radio 610 listeners with their AC, mold, roofing and other house repair issues.
Home Show with Tom Tynan: Sat Sept 10Back for another show filled with great home repair and improvement advice from Houston's favorite home fixit guy, Tom Tynan. The drought is still causing so much trouble with concrete and foundations. Tom addresses that and more!
Home Show with Tom Tynan: Sat Aug 27You may not think your roof needs repair because we've had so few storms to mess it up. But the heat can cause as much trouble as the rain. Learn about that and more. It was a busy morning getting your home repair advice to you from Tom Tynan. He talks wallpaper, generators, electricity and more.
Home Show with Tom Tynan: Sat Aug 20Get that fridge out of your garage! That's just one energy/money saver tip Tom Tynan passes along this morning on the Home Show.
Home Show With Tom Tynan: June 26Tom Tynan discussed several topics with callers including wood floors, foundation problems, and air conditioners in these hotter days.
Home Show with Tom Tynan: May 1Tom Tynan hits on several topics including roofing, generators, maintenance for old houses, foundation problems, and air conditioning.
Home Show with Tom Tynan: April 17Tom Tynan hit several topics including rust stains, garbage disposals, and more.

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