eHarmony Video Bio Gone Bad

This chick really loves cats. That, or this is a fake, scripted video.



Best Romantic Places In Houston To Propose

It might not be Paris, but the city of Houston has its fair share of romantic venues that are ideal for popping that life-changing question. Whatever your idea of the perfect proposal, you might want to keep in mind these best romantic places in Houston to propose.

CBS Houston–06/09/2011

(credit: photostock)

What’s The Point Of Dating Anyway?

So many times I hear that the woman is interested, but the man doesn’t want a relationship. I don’t get it.



Don’t Turn Her Into The Invisible Woman

Don’t turn her into the invisible woman. Women are meant to yap, so don’t take their voices away.


(credit: Anna-Megan Raley/CBS Radio)

Are Guys Becoming Too Lazy Courting Women These Days?

Guys, just pick up the phone and dial.

SportsRadio 610–05/23/2011