Roger Clemens

2012 Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

On Whether Clemens Should Be In Baseball Hall Of Fame, Boggs Says “I Don’t Vote”

Wade Boggs, Baseball Hall of Famer, joined The Triple Threat Monday on Sports Radio 610 to share stories from his playing days with the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays, including what […]

SportsRadio 610–02/09/2015

NLDS: Atlanta Braves v Houston Astros Game 4

Former Astros Great Roger Clemens On The Triple Threat

Roger Clemens, 11-time MLB All-Star and seven-time Cy Young winner, joined The Triple Threat Wednesday on Sports Radio 610 to share some memories of his playing days in Houston, including his experience as a top […]

SportsRadio 610–02/04/2015

30. Houston Astros (10-21)

What Will It Take To Make You Care Again?

So, when exactly do you start caring about baseball again? That is a serious question, and not in a condescending, judgey kind of way either. Part of my reason for asking is strictly selfish. I […]

SportsRadio 610–08/21/2014

Houston Astros (32-57)

The Latest On Astros 2013 1st Round Pick Mark Appel

Hall of Famer Roger Clemens is going to head to Lancaster to check on Appel’s mental state

SportsRadio 610–07/22/2014

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Roger Clemens Addresses Astros Pitching Staff At Spring Training

KISSIMMEE, Fla. (AP) — Roger Clemens addressed pitchers and catchers of the Houston Astros on Wednesday morning, the day before the team is scheduled to work out for the first time. Clemens is now a […]


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MLB Hall Of Fame: The 2014 Ballot That Should Be

HOUSTON (CBS Houston):  January 8th, 2014 can be an atonement day of sorts for the Baseball Writers Association of America. A year ago, the group of approximately 550 voters chose not to elect anyone to […]

SportsRadio 610–01/08/2014

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Ellsbury To Wear Clemens’ 22 With Yankees

NEW YORK (AP) — Jacoby Ellsbury will wear No. 22 with the Yankees, taking over the number of Roger Clemens, another Boston star who moved south to New York. Ellsbury wore No. 2 with the […]

SportsRadio 610–12/13/2013

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Roger Clemens on MaD Radio: PEDs Don’t Help You One Bit

Roger Clemens talked about PEDs and the fact that he thinks they do no good for players in Major League Baseball.

SportsRadio 610–09/25/2013

World Series Game 1: Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox

MaD Radio With The Rocket

  Join MaD Radio Wednesday for a live broadcast 10am-2pm from Katch 22 at 700 Durham Street. Roger Clemens will be there in person and joins Mike and Seth beginning at Noon! Stop by to […]


FL: Roger Clemens at Batting Practice

Clemens Chats With Astros’ Pitchers

Roger Clemens met with Houston’s pitching staff, encouraging the young players to “keep their spirits up” as they navigate through this difficult season.

SportsRadio 610–07/20/2013