Man Indicted For Murder For Crime Committed When He Was A ChildDon Willburn Collins was 13 in 1998 when he attacked an 8-year-old boy who died 13-years later from his injuries.
Judge: Texas Man Can Be Tried In Childhood Crime In the years that followed the 1998 attack that horribly burned her then-8-year-old son, Colleen Middleton felt fear and frustration over the possibility that the person she believed was responsible would never be taken to trial.
Texas Burned-Boy Case Set To Go To Judge A decision on whether a Southeast Texas man will be tried as an adult for allegedly dousing a boy with gasoline as a teenager in 1998 will soon be in the hands of a judge.
Man Accused Of Burning Texas Boy Returns To CourtA Southeast Texas man accused of dousing a boy with gasoline and then setting him on fire on his eighth birthday in 1998 is set to be back in court.

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